Stimulates the digestive system of.

The body with fruits and vegetables near the body, flatulence,
tightness of the stomach. What vegetables and fruits help digestion? This way.
Everybody knows that both fruits and vegetables contain fiber. Howre, some fruits and vegetables have a distinctive effect on digestion, such as 10 fruits and vegetables that help digest very well.

1. pineapple

If you like to cook, you will know the digesticulation properties of pineapple because pineapple is a raw material for fermenting meat to be soft, since bromelain enzymes in pineapples digest meat proteins to a smaller molecular size. The enzymes in pineapple also have the benefit of

stimulating the digestive system and healing stomach ulcers. papaya

Papaya papaya enzymes have digestive properties, especially meat foods that are difficult to digest. Papan manages those foods easily, and the more energy they combine with the fiber contained in papaya, the easier it is for our digestive system to function. It helps to reduce abdominal tightness, flatulence

from indybestion, and helps with excellent excretion.

Fiber in bananas is a soluble type of fiber. Bananas are also fruits that are quite high in fiber. Helps relieve abdominal tightness Indyrecescies also help to

relieve constipation very effectively. Apple

Casino In apples, there are pactins that stimulate more good bacteria in the intestine. As a result, the intestines digest food more efficiently. Importantly, in apples there is also a wide range of antioxidants and vitamins. Good for the functioning of internal

organs in the intestines, stomach and various cells in the body 5. avocado

Avocados are fruits that are very high in antioxidants. Helps treat inflammation in the stomach and intestines. In addition, the nutrients in avocados increase the bacteria and microorganisms of the intestine. As a result, the digestive system improves. Flatulence, tightness of the stomach

due to indigestion, it will relieve 6. perforated

Prunes are fruits that contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Thanks to this feature, prunes are considered foods

that stimulate the digestive system and the top excretory
system. Sweet

potatoes Fiber in sweet potatoes stimulates digestive enzymes in the intestines. As a result, the digestive system works more diligently. 8. The sweet potato has a lot of fiber,

it pushes the food in the intestine to be moving, digested and eventually excreted.

In addition to the fiber that is quite a lot, there are many fibers. Cucumbers also contain a lot of water. It helps to promote the process of digestion as well by eating cucumber paste and chili paste. fried rice You can also have different types of food. Make a smoothie with honey.


Basil is a vegetable with essential oils in itself. The aroma of spicy basil has the benefit of solving flatulence and stimulating the digestive system in the body. If you have fresh basil leaves, try boiling hot water. It’s a good way to make

basil tea and drink flatulence. shallots

It is not only good to relieve colds, nasal congestion, but shallots also have air-retesting properties, soothe flatulence, tighten the stomach due to indegible food, help digestion and make it grow.

If you have indestion, flatulence, tight spots and want to eat digestive aids to stimulate your body’s digestive system, these 10 fruits and vegetables can help you.

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