Life-threatening!! Vitamin supplements that should not.

Be purchased, how expensive is not good!! Health Care Line In addition to exercising regularly along with a good diet choice. Buying more vitamin supplements is another popular option, believing that it will have a better effect on the body, but believe it or not, many of the research papers are flagged in the same

way: these vitamins increase the risk of cancer and cirrhosis, especially the following 6 vitamins. Illustrations from

illustrations from 1. Whether it’s A&B or C, the more you take vitamins, the greater your risk of death than people who don’t. There are more than 40,000 elderly women who take vitamins

 that are at greater risk of life than those who don’t.
2. Antioxidants or VitaminS A, C and E These vitamins are usually abundant in fruits and vegetables, especially in the Berry family and common vegetables. The increased risk of

cancer is increased. Illustration from
3. Vitamin C does not require supplementation because it is usually mixed in common fruits, and if the body receives more than 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day, it can cause a risk of cirrhosis. It’s important to remove vitamin C beliefs

to help cure colds, because it’s not true at all. Illustrations from 4. Vitamin B3 are not required, although they are famous for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease, but many research has shown that that is not true, and excessive exposure to vitamin B3 can lead to a risk of infection. If vitamin B3 is actually needed, it is recommended to take

salmon, tuna or beet instead.
5. is a living bacteria, and many people spend a lot of money buying it as a supplement, but there is no need to buy it that much. Because the cost of it is only a few baht. It is also commonly found in yogurt and fermented foods, although it has

the benefit of excretion, but probiotic supplements have no different effects than eating yogurt.
6. Vitamin E is very popular because it is believed to be good against cancer, but according to research in 2011, nearly 40,000 men are at risk of prostate cancer because they take too much vitamin E as a supplement. Research in 2005 also found that vitamin E overdoses were unknowingly overd yet. It could

have caused death. Let’s focus on loving health with nature!

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