Check for depression alarms.

We often hear and see the tragic news of people with depression, especially working-age adolescents who often experience stress, pressure, regret, either from work, school or poor relations with those around them, whether they are friends. master sibling When the press inside is not drained, it can be

a cause of depression. How do we know if we or someone close to us is suffering from depression? We can see it from the behavior shown during this period. Everyone should observe whether we have these symptoms

and whether they can be useful in preventing and seeking further treatment for depression. Have a depressive temper, feel discouraged. 2.
Be bored all day, don’t want
to do anything or anything you’ve ever done and have fun isn’t as fun as it used to be. 4.
Insomnia, difficulty sleeping,

waking up or sleeping all day, sleeping too much 5. 6. Do something slower, feel paranoid, frustrated, can’t
stay still. Constantly feeling tired, exhausted. 7. What
do you do? Meditation, thoughts, reading slower
8. Feel worthless, blame
yourself for the problem 9. I don’t want to live. The routine is

not the same, visibly suffering. If there are at least 5 symptoms and have been in a row for two weeks, it is assumed that we or someone close to us have symptoms of depression, or if we are not sure that we have depression or are unable to take the Ministry of Public Health’s depression test. Department of Mental Health, follow this link. Depression assessment

form, which can be cured by seeing a doctor to receive proper treatment. We need to observe ourselves and those around us as to whether there are any symptoms of depression. If you find out quickly, it’ll heal quickly. No one wants to hear bad news from patients with depression.

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