10 ways to relieve Toothache

Is believed to be experienced by many people who have experienced “toothache” because we use our teeth to chew food on a daily basis. When we use it frequently, the organ must wear out normally, causing toothache, which
can start with pain inside the teeth, gums or nerves, often feeling constant pain or periodic pain. How to relieve

toothache A common cause of toothache is tooth decay or oral infection. Today, Campus-Star will tell you 10 ways to help relieve initial toothache. Let’s use

it. Salt dissolved

in warm water, salt has antisystea properties. Gargles by saline dissolved in warm water will help relieve toothache immediately, which is recommended by

the doctor to relieve the initial pain.
Brush your teeth with

baking soda. Toothache is usually accompanied by swelling. Using baking soda instead of toothpaste and brushing your teeth normally. It will relieve you

of pain in minutes. Cold compresses are

known to be “cold” as something that relieves pain or swelling. Simply apply ice to the pain area for 15 minutes and repeat when the pain occurs again. This method helps to

get rid of inflammation and swelling. Benzocaine,

a drug containing Benzocaine, is a local anesthentic that is used to reduce pain such as pain from mouth ulcers, toothache, gum pain. Pain of the middle ear, etc. Most of them

are in cream or gel form.

Bags In tea leaves, fluoride inhibits bacteria and tannic acids that help reduce inflammation. The heat of the teabag helps to reduce swelling. Therefore, the use of

tea bags is a way to reduce pain well to some extent. cloves

Clove is a useful spice and contains eugenics, a local anesthetic substance that reduces inflammation and kills bacteria, relieves toothache by chewing clove flowers and sucking them in the pain area or mixing them with white liquor. Use a cotton swab and

fill the pain area. Gargle with turmeric.

Turmeric is a herb with many benefits such as antioxidant, healing wounds, air retocks, headaches, and headaches. It also has antibacterial and antibacterial properties. This will relieve toothache. By garncing with turmeric powder dissolved in water. Can be used as

a substitute for mouthwash. Peppermint

Peppermint Rich in many vitamins and minerals. There are many benefits such as treating headaches, migraines, no nosebleeds, relieving toothache, suppressing germs, reducing swelling, etc. by placing leaves or oil extracted from peppermint at the pain site for 15-20

minutes. By slicing cucumbers into small pieces, placing

them in the pain area will relieve pain and reduce swelling in the area. onions

Many people may not like the smell of onions, but onions have many benefits. One of its features is that it helps to reduce toothache well. By slicing onions into small pieces, place them in the pain area, as the onions can kill germs and anti-inflammatories, which will help eliminate bacteria and relieve toothache.

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