How do you exercise with tight muscles?

Stretching exercises are another “low play” method of exercise that can be performed at home. Does not require much equipment.

Isometric exercise or isometric exercise is a type of muscle contraction exercise. By exerting full force To counteract resistance and gradually loosen the muscles

Contracting the muscles Must choose a target muscle To play first The rest of the organs must remain motionless. Breathing while muscle contractions Should not force the breath and exert force. Because it will make the blood pressure And the heart rate rises quickly

The advantages of exercise Muscle contraction

Allows players to choose a more specific muscle part. If you play magic However, some of the muscles are unbalanced or less developed than in others, use the defect muscle contraction method. So that the muscles in that part can be enlarged And strong

It is also suitable for people who have problems with their joints. Cannot exercise hard whole body Instead, use this method. By choosing to play only the parts that can be played For the downside Because it is a specific muscle contraction, it does not cause stimulation in any other part.

Exercises that contract the muscles Can be played without equipment. Can be used for body weight as a resistance, for example

– Plank pose to get the abdominal muscles

– Squat and Wall Sit moves to get the muscles in the thighs and calves.

– Push Up position to get the arm muscles

– Glute Bridge or arch bridge Will improve the back body

The exercise. The muscle contraction is not suitable for people with heart disease. Or high pressure Because when contracting the muscles Will make the heart work harder And also results in increased pressure as well

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