8 ways to exercise with low impact weight loss to reduce the impact of the knee

Not that exercise to lose weight or exercise to improve fitness requires a lot of effort. Always throw the whole body. Because for people with heavy weight Or old Or even working people would not be able to exercise with a strong impact on their knees. But what kind of exercise will help us reduce the impact? Let us do light exercise but can lose weight. Increase muscle strength and get fit at the same time. The answer is low impact exercise, and today, gearbox.com has a low impact exercise method to share.

1. Walking exercise

Is it your name? I just intend to walk more than usual. This is also a way of exercising that helps us stay healthy a lot. By people who have just started exercising Try walking for 10 minutes a day at first, then challenge yourself to walk longer each week, such as from 10 minutes to 20 minutes until you can walk for hours. This self-development will help the body get used to exercise. The metabolic system began to work more systematically. Even if we add effects to walking, walking slowly and quickly alternating Walking up and down the stairs will also increase your metabolism. More importantly, walking is a method of exercise that does not have much impact on the knees.

2. Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that is not very tired. Do not have to exert much effort But not quite effective Because both help practice meditation Helps the blood circulation system better. It improves the flexibility of various joints, increasing the ability to move the body as well. It can also help relieve stress as well.

3. Cycling

Whether it’s riding a ride on a ride or riding a bike, it really helps us burn calories. Where the feet hardly have to touch the ground And cycling can also help relieve stress. Especially cycling with the air and looking at the scenery along the way. You will be able to enjoy exercising without thinking about how tired you are. Fatigue of the muscles to go

4. Swimming

This is also a cardio workout that can help you lose weight. Can increase the strength of muscles and lungs Without having to worry about shocks Because the water will help support our body weight While moving the body in the water, it creates resistance. It gives us the opportunity to exert more. Anyone who doesn’t like to get sweaty during exercise, try swimming too.

5. Circuit Training

Circuit training is a combination of weight training and cardio training. It is a multitasking exercise with less breaks between the pose. Makes the heart rate climb to the level to burn fat quickly and continuously. And a circuit training exercise is also considered a complete exercise That allows us to get fit and firm in many proportions at the same time Without the need for vigorous exercise to risk the knees and joints

6. Run on an elliptical machine

For people who do not give. But my heart still wants to run It is recommended to run on the elliptical machine. Or exercise machine Elliptical. Run as long as possible. Or at least 30 minutes, and if you want more quality of this exercise, you can try adding more resistance. Challenge yourself in another way

7. Raise Kettlebell (Kettlebell)

Kettlebells are a weightlifting device that can be very useful for exercise, according to the Health website. Lifting the kettlebell regularly can help your heart rate reach around 12.5 kcal per minute. Or burn fat equivalent to jogging It also helps to strengthen the strength of the muscles as well. And most importantly, it does not require any impact on the joints and knees at all.

8. Barre workout

For people who want to increase the balance of their bodies And helps increase the flexibility of the muscles as well. I recommend you try Barre because Barre is a exercise that combines ballet, yoga, Pilates and stretching muscles together. This will give good results in both strengthening the muscles. And beautiful personality By doing barre exercises, you can use exercise equipment as a bar, yoga mat, dumbbell, or if exercising at home, you can use a chair instead of a bar.

This time we have no pretense that the weight is heavy. Difficulty exercising, bad knees, not working well anymore, because these 8 ways to help you exercise safely on your knees and bones.

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