Swimming weight loss How many calories can each exercise burn? With more ways to burn

Swimming is a highly effective cardio workout. It is also a exercise that is less prone to injury compared to other exercises, making swimming one of the most popular weight loss exercises. But have you ever wondered whether or not How many calories will each swim burn? If so, don’t wait. Let’s take a look at how much calories each swimming style can burn.

Swimming is considered an exercise that burns quite a few calories. The amount of calories burned in each person is more or less dependent on factors such as exercise intensity, body weight, swimming position, speed of swimming. Physical performance Or even the duration of the swim

By the American Heart Association (AHA) has revealed that when compared in terms of body weight and swimming speed. A person who weighs 150 pounds (approximately 68 kilograms) and swims at a speed of approximately 23 meters per minute can burn 225 calories per hour. And if you swim at a speed of about 46 meters per minute, it will burn 500 calories per hour. However, if your body weight is 90 kilograms and swimming at a speed of about 46 meters per minute, it will burn 650 kcal of calories.

When it comes to swimming styles, they play a role in burning calories as well. The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) of the United Kingdom (The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)) has revealed that each swimming position in 30 minutes can burn calories as follows:

1.Butterfly Stroke

Can burn 404 kcal – equivalent to running for about 30 minutes.

2.Back Stroke

Can burn 257 kcal, equivalent to walking exercise for about 100 minutes.

3.Frog Posture (Breast Stroke)

Can burn 367 kcal, equivalent to about 60 minutes of cycling.

4.Freestyle pose (Front Crawl)

If swimming slowly can burn 257 kcal, the equivalent of walking exercise for about 100 minutes, but if swimming fast can burn 404 kcal, the equivalent of running for about 30 minutes.

In addition, general swimming without using a swimming style. Or doing light activities in the water, such as hitting the legs, if done for 30 minutes in a row, it can burn 220 kcal of calories as well.

How to swim to burn more?

I have seen how many calories that swimming can burn. But if you want your body to burn more calories, there is a way to tell. Just do these additional things into the swimming pool, guarantee that. The calories in the body can be burned as much as you want.

1. Continuous swimming

Swimming workouts are slower than other exercise methods, so if you want to burn more calories, simply swim continuously and take short breaks of 10 seconds before you start. Swim again Will make the metabolic system work continuously

2. Swim faster

The speed of swimming can increase the body’s metabolism as well. But do not have to reach the size of the speed of swimming all the time Because swimming for a long time can cause injuries such as leg cramps. Which is considered extremely dangerous All that should be done, just increase the speed of swimming intermittently, slow 1 cycle, fast 1 cycle alternately and then gradually increase to slow, 2 laps, fast 2 laps, this will help stimulate the metabolism well.

3.Equip with additional equipment

Although swimming will not require any equipment. But there are also a number of swimming accessories that will help you burn more calories, such as a swimming paddler, a flipper or even a snorkel. Because these devices will increase your heart rate and speed up your swimming more. As a result, the body burns more than that.

4. Swimming in a mix of different positions.

This method is called the IM set (individual medley), which is a series of swims that take turns in each set. For example, do a 100-meter swim with four swimsuits of 25 meters, or swim 200 meters with that position. Swim in 4 positions, 50 meters each, where the swim begins with the butterfly, the rowing, the frog, and the freestyle. Which may be limited or indefinite This will speed up your body to burn more calories than usual. As a result, it can burn more.

5. Regulate your heart rate

Heart rate is linked to the body’s metabolic level. Therefore, if you want your body to be able to burn more calories, it is wise to keep your heart rate at 80% of your maximum heart rate throughout your workout. Because at that level, the body works at its best without becoming too tired. And another way to control your heart rate is After every 10-15 laps, you should measure your heart rate yourself. In the following way

How to measure your heart rate after exercise

1. Use the index and middle fingers to touch the area of ​​the wrist under the thumb. You will feel the pulse.

2. 10-second timer count how many times your pulse beats. And then multiplied by 6 is your heart rate per minute.

3. To find out what your maximum heart rate is, take 220, which is the standard maximum heart rate. Minus the actual age This will get our own maximum heart rate. For example, at 25, the maximum heart rate is 220-25 = 195 beats per minute

4. Find your heart rate at 80% of the maximum rate. By multiplying your maximum heart rate by 0.8, your heart rate is 80%. For example, 195 x 0.8 = 156 beats per minute.

5.Compare your heart rate measured at first. If more than calculated, should take a break. Or if it’s greater than the maximum rate, you should not force yourself to continue exercising, as it may cause shock

Know each other like this. Anyone who likes swimming and exercising would love to swim even more, right? As for those who are still hesitant about whether to start swimming well or not, they should be able to decide. But do not overdo it with too much exercise Because the results will not be good compared to exercise, but just fit.

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