6 female sikh poses Build a beautiful, cool abs. Exactly every belly acre!

A flat belly may not be the last answer to having a beautiful body, but many women want to create a six pack that is just as light as curls, showing off a sexy and cool look when wearing a crop top. If so, don’t worry about it. Let’s arrange the six pack posture to build abdominal muscles in bundles and reduce belly fat to fall apart.

1. Warm up first

Before doing any actual six-pack exercise, you should warm up well. Start from a stationary running position, standing straight and your feet slightly apart. Then raise your right knee as if you were running. But should raise your knees higher than when you actually run, bend your elbows and swing your arms up and down alternately. While lifting the knees and alternating sides like a running position for 30 seconds

2. Six pack poses for women

Simple, basic postures, such as sit-ups, will help you to exert your core tension. Start by lying on your back with your legs straight and your hands together on your neck. Then keep your stomach tensed and push up and slowly lie down back to the starting position. Repeat like this about 15 times, or if you’re a beginner, you can do less than this, and then gradually increase the number of times.

I saw a simple plank pose like this, but it was actually tired and exerted my abdominal strength. If you don’t believe it, try lying on your stomach. Then erect the elbow perpendicularly. Straighten your feet Then gather strength to support the lower body off the ground Contract the pose for 20-60 seconds (depending on the ability to do so). Believe that this pose is tiring, don’t tell anyone. But seriously created a six pack, er

3. Tha Plank, sideways

Next to the normal Tha Phae Long Let’s try to sleep on our side on a yoga mat. With legs close together Then exert yourself to lift your hips off the floor. To keep the body in the same plane Contract this position for a while Return back to its original position And start lifting the hips again and again. In addition to this position, in addition to having a six pack Thighs are also firmer.

4. Spider-Man Plank

Set a normal plank. But this time we’re going to move both legs alternately in the Spider-Man’s building. Starting from the normal Tha Plank Then tear his legs into the body alternately one by one Keep doing this for 15 times or less.

5. Abdominal contractions

Called full abdominal muscle exercise Starting from lying on your back on the floor By placing both arms attached to the body Then put pressure on your torso while keeping your abdomen tense. Then raise your legs above your chest Slightly bend the knees Then place your legs flat on the floor. Then repeat the same posture 15 times or depending on the ability of the body

6. Stomach flexion posture

This exercise will work both your abdomen and thighs. Begin by lying on your back, stretch your arms straight, and then push your torso up slightly to stretch your arms straight. And stretches his legs upright At the end of the day, bend your torso and tense your abdomen, then slowly lower your legs, place your arms over your head, repeat about 15 times or as much as your body can do.

In addition to these six pack poses Cardio exercises like running, cycling, swimming, hiking, or other cardio-boosting exercises are another way to help burn fat deposits. Can be able to iron our body to be firm, precise And most importantly, don’t forget to eat protein foods to make a six pack faster.

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