8 exercises to increase your fitness That men should do every day

It is believed that today there are many people who often find excuses for not exercising for themselves that they do not have time to go to the gym. Despite the fact that you can exercise by yourself at home. Plus you don’t need a lot of equipment as well You can train yourself every day and every time, by today we have gathered together how to exercise, strengthen the body that men should do on a daily basis. Come to try and go back to practice.

1. Squat

Squat is a simple exercise. It helps to strengthen the lower muscles as well, including hips, thighs, calves and hamstrings. But if you feel that it is too easy Like not getting much You can also add to the training challenge by using a dumbbell or barbell to gain weight as well.

2. Lunge

Lunge is another exercise. Which focuses on exercising the lower limbs, thighs, hips and hamstring By changing from squat to stepping forward Then lowered himself down to the fullest Then slowly back to the starting position. And likewise You also bring dumbbells and kettlebells. To add to the challenge of the body as well

3. Cardio

Nick Balestriere, a fitness trainer from the United States, reveals that 20-40 minutes of cardio exercise can help boost your metabolism to work better. Nick recommends running on a treadmill. Walking on exercise machines Or practicing sprint at the park

4. Yoga

Meanwhile, another fitness trainer, Fairfax Hackley, suggested that men should turn to more yoga. It starts with the basic posture first and then gradually increases the difficulty as a result of regular yoga practice. Not only does it improve flexibility for many muscles at the same time. But also helps to breathe properly

5. Plank

Any young man who has had back pain for a long time? How do I not get it, which the Nick Balusteria points out that exercise that strengthens the back muscles and spine with Plank will gradually help relieve back pain. Including abdominal exercises at the same time

6. Push Up

Push ups or push ups are a basic exercise that is easy to do. It is also beneficial for strengthening various muscles such as chest, shoulder and triceps as well.

7. Bridge

The reason why men should practice bridge pose on a daily basis. This is because it significantly strengthens the glutes and hamstring muscles. Including helping to reduce pain in the lower back muscles as well

8.Pull Up

For the Pull Up or the bar pose, it is considered a popular exercise method that should be practiced regularly. Because it is a position that uses multiple muscles at once Such as back, triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles, etc.

How is it with the methods of exercising that we come together Anyone who is looking for a posture to exercise the body on a daily basis Can try these exercises You will be guaranteed a significant improvement in your body.

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