8 calf exercises For toned and strong leg muscles

Believe that youngsters who exercise regularly Would want the muscles of every part of the body to be strong But most of them will focus on building the muscles of the arms, chest or abdomen. Until it makes the leg muscles in the calf not as strong as other parts, so today we have gathered together the calf exercises to recommend

1.Seated Calf Raise

Prepare for the Seated Calf Raise by sitting on a bench. Ready to place the barbell on the thigh Then lifting your heels up – down slowly, it will help build the calf muscles as well. It also adds to the challenge even more. By placing the tip of the foot on a piece of wood or bricks as well.

2.Leg Press Calf Raise

Start by sitting in the Leg Press by placing your toes on the edge of the pedal far enough apart. Straighten your legs with your shoulders slightly raised. Then exert pressure on the foot to push the pedal up – down to a rhythm. Not only will it strengthen the calf muscles Also reduces the risk of injury Because it is a position that has little movement

3. Banded Tibia Raise

An indispensable piece of equipment when you practice the Banded Tibia Raise is the Resistance Band. Start by placing the tip of your right foot slightly beyond the edge of the bench. Take the elastic and fasten the toe to the bench. Keep your toes up-down and do the switch.

4.Standing Machine Calf Raise

Begin practicing the pose by standing in the Smith Machine, placing both feet on a weight plate or boot. And lift the bar to lean on the back of the shoulders and slightly bend the knees. Then push up and down with your heels. This will help strengthen the calf muscles quite well.

5. Box Jump

Box Jump moves are not just building strong calf muscles. It also helps exercise various muscles such as hips, hamstrings, and thighs, which are required for this exercise. A box or bench that is strong and at just the right height. And began to practice by jumping on the box rhythmically

6. Dumbbell Jump Squat

Dumbbell Jump Squat is another exercise that helps you work out multiple areas of your muscle at the same time. Such as calf, hip, hamstring and thigh muscles as well as helping to burn fat as well. Begin to practice this pose by holding the dumbbells with both hands. Then crouched down into the squat position in the standing up stroke Let’s jump together

7. Double Leg Calf Raise

Prepare to practice this pose by standing up straight. Place your feet on a level platform with your toes higher than your heels. While holding the dumbbells with both hands Then lift the heels up – down. Can help shape the calf muscles to firmware

8. Mountain Climber

Practicing the Mountain Climber routine doesn’t just help build tight calf muscles. But also strengthens the chest and shoulders Plus, the faster you train The more fat can be dissolved only Start with the preparation in a push-up position. Then pull both legs toward your body by alternating sides and keeping your arms straight throughout the exercise.

Having known this Anyone who wants to have fit and firm calf muscles, then You can bring these poses to practice. Ensure that you will have strong legs as soon as possible.

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