12 foods you shouldn’t eat before bed Risk of acid reflux Plus I can’t sleep!

Come together as a health-destroying package with foods that should not be eaten before bed as listed below. And no matter how delicious the food is, how it tastes, how to eat it, or want to eat it very hard, you must stop it. Because if you eat before going to bed GERD, obesity, and insomnia can mess you up until morning.

Now let’s see that Foods that should not be eaten before bedtime This is because it can be the cause of GERD. What food is there?

1. Fried foods, high fat foods

Whether it’s fried chicken, suckling pig, fried pork, omelette or all kinds of fried food, it shouldn’t be eaten before going to bed. Because in addition to high-fat foods, it provides high energy. These menus can also cause fat deposits that can lead to weight gain. (In the case of eating but not exercising), so the first step is to get it with obesity. The other disadvantage is High-fat foods are foods that the body takes to digest quite a long time. This means that gastric juice must be released until these foods are completely digested. Therefore, if eating a high-fat meal before bed Ensure that there is an increased risk of GERD.

Also, when the subsystem is still working The body will not be fully rested. When we eat heavy meals that are full of high-fat foods. That night, I will not sleep well. Or sleep uncomfortable Some have nightmares.

2. Meats are difficult to digest.

If anyone chooses a steak or grill menu with no time limit. Sit for a long time until three or four o’clock Go home and take a shower. Believe that you have to experience more or less a feeling of heartburn, accidentally lying down, may feel the sour gastric juice pouring up your throat. That is because These hard-to-digest meats, especially beef tenderloin, chunky chunks in steak form. Our body takes quite a long time to digest. Gastric juice needs to be released a lot. The likelihood of gastric juice or stomach acid refluxing back into the esophagus is quite possible.

3. ice cream

Looks like a snack after dinner that everyone can eat without knowing. Ice cream is a dessert that is high enough in fat anyway. Even if someone eats chocolate flavored ice cream Mocha or eat oily coconut milk ice cream just a few hours before going to bed. I can tell that the stomach is still not digesting all these fats. The acid and gastric juice are still released. When when Acid and gastric juice may flow backward, causing an easy heartburn.

4. Chocolate

Chocolate is a food that should be eaten in the early afternoon rather than at dinner. Because in chocolate or even cocoa that is highly concentrated Then conceals a moderate amount of caffeine For example One 1.55-ounce bar of dark chocolate also contains 12 milligrams of caffeine, equivalent to the amount of caffeine in three cups of coffee!

Uh huh … I don’t have to guess that if I eat dark chocolate at dinner How energetic and active the body will be And how much caffeine will stimulate the secretion of gastric juice Just think about it and have heartburn.

5. Pizza

On the lazy days going out Many people tend to leave their stomach with pizza. Because I assumed that eating pizza was carbohydrate, protein, vegetables, cheese and sauce seems to be full of nutrients, right? But cheese, pizza dough, which is a simple carbohydrate. And ketchup, which is self-acidic It’s all these ingredients and ingredients that the stomach has to release a lot of digestive juices in an effort to completely digest the food. Finally, the acid that’s released digests the pizza. May come back to attack ourselves

6. Yum menus, spicy food

If you tend to eat spicy food various types of yams, papaya salad, tom yum salad, spicy food, all. This menu will stimulate gastric acid secretion. In addition, the spicy taste of food can also cause stomach irritation as well. Means that in addition to the risk of GERD You might even get a stomach ulcer, too, in a way that doesn’t ask for a word of health!

7.Some vegetables

Such as broccoli, cauliflower, raw onions, garlic, chili peppers, mint, shallots, peppermint. Including all kinds of raw vegetables should not be eaten before bedtime. Because of the raw vegetables, especially the vegetables that we give an example above. Classified as a vegetable with a lot of acid and gas. This can cause bloating, bloating due to excess stomach acid. Importantly, if you eat this type of food and sleep within two hours, the acid and gas may eventually flow backward, leading to GERD.

8.Some fruits

In addition to vegetables Fruits that are highly acidic like oranges, grapes, lemons, lemons, tomatoes, pineapples, or even very citrus juices. Including ketchup These fruits have a lot of acidity. Especially in tomato sauces that are often added with vinegar, which is also acidic. Stomach acid will increase the amount more. Until causing abdominal discomfort Sleep, restless There is also a chance that excess stomach acid will turn into a torture reflux.

9. Soft drinks

Known for the fizzy flavor of soft drinks, let us know that these drinks contain a lot of gas. This is a major cause of indigestion and upset our digestive system completely. So who likes to drink soft drinks after dinner and before going to bed. It’s good to be prepared to deal with acid reflux symptoms.

10. Coffee Tea

Tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, all energy drinks They all contain caffeine as well. And caffeine is what stimulates the secretion of gastric acid. So if you’re addicted to warm beverages like hot cocoa or hot tea, switch to a glass of warm milk instead. So your body doesn’t have to fight caffeine to the risk of excess stomach acid and reflux. Including insomnia because caffeine stimulates the brain to stay awake.

11. Fermented foods

Fermented foods such as fermented fish, pickled bamboo shoots, pickles, pickled fruits, compote, kimchi, certain types of sushi with pickled vegetables. It has increased gastric gas. Causing the symptoms of heart-tightening due to excessive acidity as well Even if you eat fermented food before going to bed as well. The gut must be so agitated that you will not be able to sleep well, and the real danger is true. May be at risk of acid reflux Burning heat in the middle of the chest again.


Alcoholic beverages like spirits Most will have to mix soda before drinking. This increases the gas in the stomach. Beer, wine, is a beverage that has both alcohol and is brewed – fermented. Which causes gas to occur as well So no matter what kind of alcohol it is Is at risk of gastric acidosis Risk of acid reflux Moreover, alcohol can affect the heartbeat. Has a water repellent effect Causing having to get up to the bathroom often and never fall asleep at all

However, in addition to foods that should not be eaten before bed, these. Behavior is also a key factor in increasing GERD risk. Especially behavior like to eat and sleep immediately, smoking, and causing overweight or obese. Or is someone who likes to hold hard at dinner Always eating and being full, such behavior can greatly increase the risk of GERD.

Therefore, it is best to avoid both of these 12 foods and try to eat dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed, or if you really need to sleep, sleep on your left side. And sleep on the head of the bed at least 6 inches or more with the shoulders resting on the pillow. So the acid doesn’t erupt into the throat. In addition, it is wise to refrain from smoking. Drink alcohol Do not wear clothes that are too tight. Including regular exercise And control body weight to be within normal limits as well

As for those who feel hungry at night But do not want to eat these things, risk acid reflux and insomnia. We also have a good menu to recommend.

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