12 signs he really likes us, isn’t ting nang

Used to be in a situation where there was a type of man “Pak said that only a friend, father But overreacting, “are you girls? If anyone has or is facing an event like this You probably know very well that the rightful sense of the woman’s sense will immediately lose meaning. Because sometimes the behavior of the boy next to him is too difficult to predict To think that he has a heart for sure, it is afraid of becoming a conscientious woman, when acting indifferent, it turns out to ruin the relationship. Break the feelings together again

Today we would like to act as an assistant to invite the girls to observe the interesting symptoms of boys from 12 signs that they like us. If there are any young people who act as we have told all the above I can be assured that your relationship with him has a promising development. No problem, he likes us, or we think it ourselves. Sure, let me decide here!

1. Stick to all your stories on social media.

It’s natural for men to shine pictures of girls like us on social media, where most of them stop and like. But if there are any young people who are energetic Play like every picture. All comments posted Or have a quick action for every action on your social media That is the sign that he is definitely interested and fond of you.

2. Find something to talk about every day.

If the guy who secretly likes you has had a chance to talk to you for the first time. I assure you that after that he will find a way to text you, call you every day. Without caring at all how ridiculous the stories we talked about Even if when he felt that the conversation started to get brackish, when he would quickly change the issue and come up with a million and eight more stories to talk to. He didn’t want it to end easily ever.

3. Ready to hang out with you everywhere.

Even if your business is just a small and boring thing like doing hair, manicure, shopping or buying makeup. If that guy really likes you Believe it, he is ready to travel with you in any situation. It does not matter whether it takes all day or how tired you have to be. Also sometimes ask to wear the role of a car driver Or a personal bodyguard Volunteer to pick up, deliver, help carry things and take good care of you separately.

4. I like to prank, like to tease you on a regular basis.

This is a common occurrence in the case of having a crush on a close friend, and is one of the most popular methods that young men use to approach their crush The main reason is to demand that you see him in the eye. The second reason is because you think your frizzy face is pretty cute. Therefore, girls do not just frustrate or hate all the boys who do this habit with you. Because perhaps this is the only way he has a chance to get close to you.

5. Make funny jokes that make you laugh until your stomach is stiff.

When we like someone, we want to see a smile. I want to see that he is happy all the time. It’s no different than guys who try to make funny moves and find 5 baht, 10 baht jokes to drop at you on a regular basis. Because not only helps you to relax from stressful matters, but also helps create an atmosphere that makes you feel good about being with him.

6. Remember all of your stories by heart.

What do you like to eat? Where do you like to travel? When is your birthday? Do you have any hobbies? It might be a small thing that you talked about a long time ago. But believe that the guy who likes you must remember everything very well. Plus, invested in counting the time to wait until midnight to wish you the first birthday. Or invite you to go out and look for something to eat as you said you wanted to go. It is called Roojai. Pay attention to everything until you are amazed at all.

7. Make You Number One

Let’s say the two of you have an appointment to hang out together, and he has carefully planned everything to impress you. But just when you say you want to do something outside of the plan He is ready to change everything as you please. Simple is that he will always take your decision in place. Because your happiness is his happiness as well.

8. Try to reach out and befriend your friends.

The classic way of boys when wanting to get to know the girl that he secretly likes more is to find their friends because if it is accepted and close to everyone. He can secretly ask you about your secret. Fortunately, he may turn your friend into a partner, matchmaker, matchmaker, cheer up, and help you achieve your hopes as well.

9. Take you to get to know his friends.

As classic as above, it switches situations where you can get to know his friends, which is another way to tell if he wants you to be a part of his life. It is a special person who would like to introduce him to his significant other. Including seeing society get to know another aspect of his life It also shows that he is sincere and serious with you.

10. Take care to take care of you special than others.

It’s a sign that you can notice when you see him with a bunch of other female friends, and you’ll know that. The eyes he looks at other people are not the same as the way he looks at you. The smile that he gives to others is not as full of joy as when he was with you. His stance with other people is not the same as he does to you. The more pampered Take care of you out of sight. It is even more clear that he secretly has a heart.

11. Acts strange when you talk about other guys.

Who likes it when we see people we have hearts screaming and screaming, right? Especially the boys who are not very good at keeping feelings I certify that if I hear you talk about other men. Whether it’s your best friend or even the hottest male star. There must be a heat stroke. Some of them became stubborn and frustrated, some of them surprisingly quieted. Or some people immediately change the subject matter

12.Tell you the future you planned

When did you meet a guy who told you about his life plans? In addition to wanting to hear comments on whether you are interested or agree with him or not. It is also an implied signal that he is beginning to take you seriously. Want to develop a relationship with you And I want you to be a part of his future, sure enough.

Anyway, girls do not forget that there are different types of people, giving each young man a different way of approaching a girl that he likes. If you really want to be sure if that’s the sign he’s trying to convey Suggest to ask directly and clear each other clearly so that you can act right, not uncomfortable, and can also confirm that the girls do not think to be on their own side as well.

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