5 reasons why women like us get poured over often

Oh !! Well, the other day, I still talked to each other, and why today I act so distant, so many young people are wondering. (With no answer) or this will be “pouring” as they call it. Why? Today we are going to give you a report on why women like us have been poured all the time.


1. There are better people coming in.

This one is something you have to admit, but it’s really good, and it’s also a factor that women can’t control. When we and he talked (Statusless) You may not be the only person he’s talking to. He might have other better options, so that’s not wrong. Because we all want to choose the best for ourselves. When there are better people The worse person like you Must end by being poured only


2. Losing motivation. Stubborn.

Before, he was diligent to drop pearls, flirt often, can be called morning drops, evening drops. Drops until the thin heart like us eroded unconsciously But whenever men start to lose motivation to flirt or talk down. Sometimes there is no definite reason why… But if it runs out, what can a girl like us do? Well, the two of us are not alright, right?


3. You are not charming enough.

Usually when a woman is poured Will only blame the men Until he forgot to turn back and look at his own flaws (Which we may have overlooked) Perhaps we forgot to think that in fact we are confident that “I am beautiful and good” and sometimes it is not good enough to keep the man in control. Because when one day you release to look normal Since he didn’t even get together as a boyfriend, he may have unconsciously poured and fled you away, so be a woman, don’t stop being beautiful.

4. A little bit of drama.

It’s easy to compare, when you see any news with a lot of drama, you still get bored, right? That’s it !!! It’s no different from when men get annoyed when women are dramas. Call for true attention And if you are not dating as well. What drama doesn’t fit? Will further weaken your charm Until there was nothing left for him to regret


5. Overreacting

Honestly, it is good to love self-reserved ones. But if you are playing too hard You also have to admit that It has the right to be poured easily as well. The mood is like… talking and playing over there, that’s all good, but when inviting to hang out Always refused to play. When encountering this often, men do not want to waste time. Fight to find someone else better And play less, are you better?


Because being poured is something that cannot be helped First you have to admit that Talking without any status means that you risk being poured out at any time, so just the girls just be yourself. Be confident in who you are And remember “Being poured .. is not a big deal in life” because we still have a lot to do ^ ^

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