7 problems that must be faced When married couples move in together

Couple living together It is considered both a science and an art that both people will have to learn together forever. Many couples when they were still fans May not have encountered any problems of the other party that must be embarrassed. Until when it comes to living together together Many couples who are not able to adapt well may have a few problems, so today we have a few examples of the problems you guys face when moving in together. Let them be prepared early, as long as the time is right so that the problem can be solved precisely.

1. Problems with housework

Because of the values ​​of Thai society See housework as work for women So many husbands have thrown all the housework on women. Think about it that women have to work outside the home. To come home to have to do these household chores again. Frustrating. Yes, play it. At least your husband should help share the burden of the house. Help each other make holidays Saturday – Sunday. Think of it as strengthening the relationship in yourself.

2. Problems of financial management.

From the status of the person who is the boyfriend Each person uses a different pocket of money. Until changing the status to be a partner There is a cost here. That may require more of the same wallet May be made in the form of income-expense accounts Or talk to each other about who will make clear decisions about money These methods should help both of you manage your money more effectively.

3. Problems with using the toilet

Using the bathroom … is a unsolvable problem that every partner has to face. Is it frustrating? When you open the bathroom door And must meet with messy things Full floor water Used towels and then piled on the floor. Easy to say, the other party keeps wiping. While the other party waits to make it dirty Although it may seem a bit small, if you meet like this on a regular basis, it will easily lose patience, right?

4. The problem of parents of the other party

The most popular problems after marriage because some couples have already married. Moved into the house Sometimes it is imperative that we argue or resent the family of the other person. Sometimes in order not to cause problems You may need to learn to be a compromise. Talk for a reason rather than an emotion. The sooner you learn to let go, the better.

5. No time problems for each other.

When the life of a couple passes through a sweet honeymoon And really start a couple life, you both will know There are also timing issues that you will have to deal with. Where will it be a large pile of work? Where are your friends? Which may sometimes disguise the time you should have to give the other party. Because it can have an impact on the relationship in the long term. It will become distant. And difficult to stick to as before

6. The problem of scrambling to watch TV

Many people might see it as a small thing, but it’s actually a big deal. Because there are quite a few married couples who have to sit upset and be upset and frustrated because they have to compete with the TV. Another person wants to watch football. Another person wants to watch a play. Therefore eliminating the problem by buying another TV But that is the solution to the problem at the end of the reason, in fact, things like this should be agreed upon, at least you can spend time together. Exchange topics for discussion, this is fun to die for.

7. Problems with having children

When you are a girlfriend, you may have a very serious look at the future about your children. But believe me that after marriage You will make plans for your children differently. If both of you are not really ready for having a baby, it is best to have contraception. Don’t let go of it because you think you won’t be pregnant easily, and then start saving some money. By setting a budget that must be kept to be enough When the money is ready, then let it have children. It’s not too late

Really, there is no theory about what a great marriage is? And what to do Marriage is not a problem. This kind of thing, you both have to learn by yourself, gradually adjust, and gradually learn each other. We believe that as long as you have love and understanding in place. You don’t need to be afraid that something will cause your marriage to shake things up ^ ^

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