5 things that will ruin love After an argument with a girlfriend

If fighting is a part of love, a relationship wouldn’t be wrong. Because there are so many stories that can easily affect the human mind, even the smallest things that are unlikely to become a problem Each fight will become the point where your love and relationship crumble or not is up to you. So before you get to that point, let’s take a look at what will happen to yourself after the quarrel. To find a solution in advance so that love will last for a long time

1. Really think that you should break up with your girlfriend.

When starting to argue with your girlfriend often It is also a problem that is extremely difficult to deal with. You start to think seriously that you should break up with this boyfriend. Because such problems will become the point that love gradually turns into hate. And I can’t see a way that this person will make your life happy any longer. Until forgetting to look back on what the other person had done for you

2. Make plans to live a single life in advance.

After an argument, many people will try to rationalize themselves. Then, you will declare yourself to your friends that you are single after thinking about how you can continue to be. But if this is not the case, will either break up with your boyfriend or you do not want to continue the relationship any more. By lacking restraint and pondering their own needs first

3. Become a liar to avoid fighting

Sometimes when you fight a lot with your girlfriend and get tired of it. Will try to stop the fight by avoiding mentioning it or refusing to talk about it again. In addition, he also chose to let his girlfriend do whatever he wanted. Because he doesn’t want to fight over the same story over and over again With the start of telling lies until he doesn’t feel guilty about it

4. Go out to find things to improve your heart.

When you start to feel that you can no longer be in the same place as him. But at the same time he could not leave him. Will start looking for things to do outside the home To make myself feel at ease You could try talking to the other person in a playful way, or you can separate yourself and stay quiet with yourself because you don’t want flashy thoughts to ruin your love. And later regretted

5. I want to sit and talk and clear the problem to the end.

If you want to finish talking and that’s what they want to do as well. You may pause for a moment to rethink what is the real cause of the fight. But different people will admit or not, it depends on your maturity. Are they mature enough to understand and admit their mistakes?

Now that you know what will happen to yourself. If there is a quarrel with your lover I hope to keep thinking. And if the solution to these things first Before it becomes a problem And caused the accumulated love to collapse because of the sudden mood

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