4 female habits that are not in the male specification

All single women should have asked themselves some questions, right? “Why are we single?” Even though we are not bad. Looks are not ugly. But why?… No one has come to know our hearts yet. But actually, we may have some habits. (Hidden deep, unconsciously) that makes us not be interested in the boys, let’s see what habits are there. That makes us not classified in the specification of young men In case all single women will hurry to improve their behavior Before being a single woman

1. A young lady

We understand that The story of the mouse and women belong to each other. But in the eyes of this drunken man He will look at you as a ridiculous type of woman. It made him feel that the women he was talking to were jealous. Pessimism Until all men get tired of having to sit and listen to nonsense To the point that you may turn your face away at all

2. An overbearing girl

We have to separate them first that between “Weak woman” and “crying woman” are not the same. Weak women make men feel like to protect. While a timid woman will feel boring and annoying, he may also want to protect you. But will let him sit and listen to crying often, I assure you that soon he will be nervous

3. Dress for a long time

We understand that girls want to look good in the eyes of young men. If you go out on a date, you have to be careful. But sometimes, if the meticulousness is too much, it’s not a good thing. We believe he can wait for you. But you should not let him be the one to wait all the time. If you realize that you are dressed for a long time Sometimes it may be necessary to spare some time. Even if we make an appointment for a friend, we have to wait for it, we are still bored. Let alone what men have to wait for us to dress every time … Really?

4. Acting like twins

Let me know right here that men do not like women who are addicted to Patongo. Even if your status is not his girlfriend as well There is no reason for you to keep pecking. Accompany him wherever he goes Because it makes him feel a lack of freedom And because you are too busy with his life. When he felt that he had crossed the line Then he will distance himself away from you by default.

All single ladies, check to see if you are behaving right now as we say or not. If you don’t want to be single forever I see that I have to hurry to change your habits anyway. Otherwise… I will cuddle with Khanthong alone for sure ^ ^

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