6 The guile of a woman who holds a young man’s heart is in control.

Women like us have all kinds of tricks hidden within them. Some people may be aware or some may not be aware. But in any case The illusion of a woman If we know how to use it useful Know how to use it in the right place and time I can tell you that you can hold the heart of your boyfriend. Today we are going to see what kind of female deceitfulness there are. That you can try to use I assure you that your boyfriend will not escape anywhere.


1. Compliment him

Drop some compliments to your girlfriend, more or less. For example, admire a talent that you cannot imitate. Like all kinds of things, repair work in the house Please carry the heavy things, these compliments will make him feel proud of being a man. And it will make him want to express himself as a man to take care of you even more.

2. Are you jealous?

When people are in a relationship for a long time, the jealousy tends to fade away from time to day. Less can be done, but not all. Try showing the food a little jealous of him, some are good enough for him to know that He is still important to us. Not dating, being a girlfriend, one day, the symptoms of jealousy are here. It will stimulate your relationship with both of you to be healthy. Like the time when flirting with each other is not wrong

3. A little touchy as a ceremony

Actually, men (some) like to reconcile if a woman like us catches his point correctly. You can take advantage of our lady’s poignant habits easily. By acting as a later act like joking, making a joke, smooth enough for him to make an effort to touch you. But reiterate that it is moderately Wait, otherwise it will be too big for a moment.

4. Come up for advice often.

Make him feel like you can be trusted. Even though the advice I received was stupid I try nodding my head awkwardly before doing it, or we will talk later. But at least he will feel that he can be a spiritual support for you. That can fill the feeling of acting as a good lover.

5. Endurance

“Being Mae Sri Ruen” is considered a female trick that can be used whenever and wherever possible. If you want to cook delicious food from the beginning, it will be difficult. But at least your boyfriend will be quite impressed by seeing your efforts. Even if you are good at cooking and delicious. Your darling is not going anywhere. Believe that your relationship and him will have to be closer to each other.

6. Don’t Stop Being Beautiful

Born to be a woman, you must know how to dress and take care of yourself. Do not let yourself be dull and colorless when you have a special occasion with your lover. Do you try on a very sexy dress? But in the end, we are not telling you to change yourself in order to make your boyfriend get lost. Because of all You yourself must be happy to do this as well.

Okay, I see that this work has to get up and dust off a hundred of the wagons. Because some of them would have been abandoned for a long time But above all, the essential element to make a marriage go together is “understanding”. Both parties must be known to take turns giving and receiving. If you two get along like this, then the tricks are not necessary ^ ^

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