5 remedies for arguing with your boyfriend To end in a happy ending

People who are lovers are like tongues and teeth. There must be some quarrels that are commonplace. Nobody wants to be in a situation that causes headaches, uncomfortable, and wants the story to end as soon as possible. But is there any way that girls like us can handle it to finish the problem? When you have to fight with your girlfriend Plus a happy ending Plus may love each other even more than before as well We have a way to introduce each other.


1. Give him some time for drama.

When they argue, no one will be able to come down easily, some couples decide by a method, who is more emotional than that person wins Which had already broken many pairs as well Try changing it again…. Let you use the stillness. Even if the other party will grunt Frown Went out for a walk in the rain Act as a hero, MV, let him go, do not repeat. These are to cool the other party. In which he did not feel that he had lost his ego Wait, if he can calm himself down, he will come back soon.

2. Explain clearly and to the point.

Men are gender that was not created to be tolerant of the prologue of women. Let’s observe that whenever there is an argument Women tend to accidentally dig into the past to talk with. Causing arguing is not just one It became the second, third and fourth story like this. Next time there was an argument. You try to use a reason to fight. Take it clear and to the point, simply call it an end to an argument.

3. Apologies before anything goes.

Sometimes the severity of an argument is proportional to one another’s beating. That is, no side can admit that it is their own fault. Try adjusting the mood mode with the word “sorry”. It’s easy to say that a woman like us has to play the soft line. Try to apologize for a reason to show that you feel guilty. And I don’t want to fight with him but !!! You have to look at the wrongdoing as well. How big how small Not that you secretly had a gig and you would say sorry. It may not end so easy

4. Do not aggravate the other person’s feelings.

When the war of strife is over In case you are right The other party is still in a smoldering mood. What a young woman like us can do is not aggravate his fault. You should approach the other person calmly. And tried to comfort him. To show that you have a lot of empathy in his thinking. Even if that matter, he was wrong.

5. Don’t get off the forbidden sentence.

“So let’s break up”, “not being happy” or “I don’t listen”, these are all forbidden sentences when fighting. Because these sentences are hidden with negative attitudes It will only make the listener feel bad. We know that it is difficult not to let these sentences come off. But if you do not want the current situation to deteriorate Should absolutely refrain from speaking, it is best.

Because lovers are unable to stop quarreling. But we can choose to avoid or improve the situation that is in it for the better. Will not lead to escalation and being too difficult to fix It is better if we argue for understanding. It’s not a fight to declare that I am the winner, right? ^ ^

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