5 ways to deny boys who come to flirt Do not let the other person down.

Love is all about timing and timing. Sometimes we like him. He does not like us or, on the contrary, he likes us, we do not like him so that we actually do not want to break the heart of the other person. Must feel bad But things like this, we can’t compute it. But we choose to refuse and deal with this kind of love situation tenderly. So that the other party does not have to be very sad

1. Tell your feelings honestly

Of course, we may have some frustration. When people we don’t like come to mind And even more if there is a supporter of support, the girls may even feel more than double the pressure Try asking yourself if… Do you feel that you are extremely endured? If it is too much to bear, then I really recommend you to tell him honestly, but be patient. That we do not like what they think or are doing So that he can be aware and stop the behavior early.

2. Tell me you have a girlfriend.

If the young man who comes to flirt with us, adhere to the motto that “Tia, only to rule the world” does not look forward Don’t care if you like him or not. Or even don’t care if you already have a girlfriend !!! The only way to fix it is Let you open your boyfriend to go straight away. Independent of method Will put it on social media Or will bring it to debut with a group of friends Let him know that “This person is the real me”

3.Stay idle

Tell and do all kinds of ways to give clues To know that we do not like He still does not stop chasing you. This time I advise you to wear a silent role. Act still. No, huh. If he is not too resistant. And able to think He will realize And ignored us personally

4.Bring a friend When he invited him to date

Of course, the boys who come to like us Surely have to find something to invite us to date Whether eating, watching a movie, or going on a trip, he would want to go with us alone. But if your heart doesn’t want to go Or don’t know how to refuse You may need to agree with him before that. If you go alone, we won’t go. Or else you will take a friend too So as not to create hope for the other party And let him know We think of him as a real friend.

5. Remind him if he is too busy in personal matters.

Honestly, people can play with each other’s heads. When they are close to a certain extent Therefore, in order to cut the power from the beginning of the wind Do not let the other person think too much. If you start to feel that the other person is too busy personalizing you. Until you start to get uncomfortable When that is the time That you have to start reminding him to be aware of some Otherwise, the other party will get used to. And feel that he can intervene in your own private matters

These are the ways to deny people who come to flirt with us without being too ugly. Really, something like this, it depends on the other person as well. Come to flirt with us politely or not, if you speak well and know the story. At the very least… even if you are not a boyfriend. He can also date you as a friend, right?

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