5 ways to start a new love with the old one, how to make it happy

How to break up and get back together to be happier than before? For any couples who are in the process of reconciling Or are starting to grow new love with the old. We have a good trick about love for you. Believe me that fighting Or lack of understanding is present in every relationship, be it family, siblings, friends and girlfriends. By turning their heads to talk about the problems that arise is important Because some couples broke up without the other party even knowing what they did wrong, they were branded as bad-natured ex. Without having the opportunity to know the reason Or explain anything

In which every relationship is over Inevitably, there is one person who misses Many people choose to walk out of the same loops, arguing how many times the old book will go back and read. The ending remains the same. But how to make this old book Ending like a happy ending?

1. Do not rush to come back to him. Immediately after the breakup

After the break up is a time when you are both sad and sad, so before coming back to reconcile. You should be able to deal with your emotions first. Or may sit and review what we have done wrong Ready to find ways to change yourself for the better Until making him believe that you are new And I’m sure this love will go even prettier When you feel that you are ready both mentally and physically, put on your gear and go forward with all your might!

2. Give your lover a little time. Before the restart

It’s not just you who have to spend time calming down. Your lover too He may be in the process of deciding whether to keep going, or just enough, your job is to keep your distance. Let him be with himself And respect his decision Do not interfere with personal matters until it makes him feel compressed. And most importantly, do not forget that your current status is just your ex.

3. Turning their heads to talk to each other to improve their understanding.

It is believed that many couples broke up because of problems. Or arguing Do not talk to each other to understand Each person walked away. Until the problem escalates into a big deal But coming back this time, history will never repeat itself. You have to play the role of a calm person. And more rational Suggest to try to invite him to sit and talk about the problem. Exchange ideas To the subject matter that they were not grateful for And want the other party to change This will allow both of you to be aware of the cause of the problem. Which makes it easier to adjust each other’s understanding

4. Don’t bring up old stories.

If you want a happy start You should avoid talking about both of the bad things in their past. Because it might lead to an argument And can break up again Always keep in mind that no one is perfect. Including yourself Everyone has a disadvantage. And have made mistakes all together So if you want to have a happy love Both of you have to slowly tune each other halfway. And most importantly, don’t let your emotions take precedence over reason.

5. Love is not a game.

No one wants to be an enemy of the person we love, right? So you have to stop winning by playing nerve warfare racing to hurt your opponent’s feelings. And ended up losing both feelings Because it will only make the situation worse The best solution is to turn to and talk for a reason. Don’t use your emotions as a stand. If you both still want to love each other again.

6. Make love sweeter than before

When things change, they become normal. As well as the sweetness that lovers have to offer The longer the day goes, the more dull. Makes some couples feel bored Until the breakup Therefore, when you both return to plant love together again. It should add sweetness like when you flirt with each other, such as eating out, watching movies, or having a surprise on special days, these little things will help your love for both of you come back and be so sweet. So jealous

A lover is like a tongue and a tooth. Some conflicts are common. But if we turn to talk for a reason And always ready to forgive each other Believe me, your partner will be the most enviable couple!

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