If you don’t want to hurt twice Think twice before returning old love.

Many couples broke up for a long time. Until some people are enamored with their own singleness and autonomy But when ex-girlfriend came back to ask for reconciliation again Is it this point that many people hesitate to get back together with their ex? So today we put together some tips to think. Before returning to reconcile with the ex I will not hurt this love for the second time.

1. Think carefully about yourself.

When you decide to break up with your ex. And saw that the moment you broke up with him You too are happy with your work, with family and friends. Simply put, you can sustain life on your own. Be able to make decisions for yourself, then you may need to carefully review whether he still has a need in your life? Or do you need to rely on something from him? Because if you have a better life then there is no need to go back and forth.

2. Study your ex.

The ex-boyfriend comes back to reconcile you. Of course, he may have repented or because he still loves you. But who knows that during the breakup What has he done Find out what the reason for his return to you. It’s because of loneliness Use it or whatever, but If you know this, you must hurry to Seino immediately.

3. Prepare to deal with pain again.

Before you reconcile with your ex So, are you ready for another round of pain? Because in the end, you may have to break up with him again for the same reason, it would not be good if we hurt your heart again. Think carefully about the reason for the first breakup, if it’s something that neither you nor you can fix. Maybe we have to reject his goodwill (on a late date?)

4. Try dating “friend” status first

Some people choose to give their ex a chance to make excuses again. But it is in “friend” status because being together as a friend may make us see the other person’s identity more clearly. Because you and he do not have to expect anything from the other party. Friends may not be the most beautiful status both you and them have in each other. And it may turn out to be a more beautiful and lasting friendship than a boyfriend status.

5. Set the condition to return.

Before the return of love again You may try to discuss the possibilities. And explain the exact cause of the last breakup After that, try to set the conditions for improving his character. And try to see how much he can prove his sincerity to you. You, too, act as an observer. Do not take a hundred. If he can’t, then he wants to come back for the benefit. But in his heart he lost love for you a long time ago.

Conclude if someone’s ex comes back to reconcile You may need to take some time to think through it thoroughly. Because you decide to break up with him once That is the reason in and of itself what flaws he has. Such matters depend on the context of each couple’s relationship. To create opportunities, possibilities for reconciliation Most importantly, don’t be in a hurry, it’s the best.

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