10 ways to move on from old love

When you love each other, anything is fine, but when it comes to breaking up. The feeling was like the whole world had collapsed. Causing pain and bruising repeatedly every time you think about it, try to find a way to move on because you want to forget your old love. But still can’t move on Added to the same point Anyone who’s been like this probably knows that moving on circles is no fun.

But the real move is not too difficult. Because today we have 10 ways to move on from broken love. Let’s tell each other and if you want to go on, you must be strong! Follow us to see how to move on and move on to a new love.

1. Accept the Truth

Before moving on to any other method, we must first accept what happened. Always remember that he is not a good lover of us. Because our inability to move on is partly due to our thinking that we still see him or her as the “right person”, hopefully one day he will come back to us again, No! Don’t be delirious and stick with that person. Accept the fact that we cannot go on with him anymore. If he has someone new We can have new people too.

2. Vent your feelings to people you trust.

Some people believe that the Move On method is to bury the story and not talk about it. But according to psychology, the opposite is true. Try to express your feelings to people you trust. Because sharing experiences and feelings with others It will help us feel less alone. And heals the pain But if you feel that there are no people around you to listen to Getting help from a psychotherapist is also a good option.

3. Do not look back and look at the old things.

Stop going back to the old chats that you talked about or the pictures that you took together. Including a secret visit to the old lover’s Facebook and Instagram Because it will make it impossible for you to forget the pain If you can’t stop shining or your heart is not strong enough You may have to delete these old things. Considered to clear the heart

4. Not dealing with old people.

“Until the end of each other We can still be friends. ”Who has seen this sentence from an ex? I can say that this is another part that allows us to not move on because the word “friend”. It always makes us feel that he is always on our side even though he actually has walked a long way. Or perhaps the same conversation Even though they broke up already Makes us secretly hope to get back together again Therefore, you should cut your heart, break raw, reduce, and stop contacting your old lover first. To make us move forward faster

5. Find something new to do.

After stopping to look at the old things and having less contact with the old lover It’s time to turn back and do something for yourself Whether it’s doing what we like Like shopping for new clothes New cosmetics See a recently entered movie Or you can try to find something new to do to change yourself, for example, if you have never exercised before. Try turning to the gym, running in the garden, or practicing more skills. Like learning to dive, draw, sew a cloth bag In addition to helping you focus on new things, upgrading your skills will also make you more attractive.

6. Make goals for yourself

Not only do something new for yourself. But do not forget to create new goals at the same time for a true Move On, for example, it may be a goal to exercise every day Must lose weight to the point that is just right Have to adjust themselves to look better When creating good goals, you must achieve them. This time, a new love will become a goal that is not out of reach as well.

7. Make new people

When things around us are starting to become new It’s not a bad thing. If we are going to make new friends Or find someone new to talk to It is also a way to move on from broken love that works a lot. Because the new person will pull us away from the original wound, gradually moving us away from the point of pain. If you talk to each other then click Now, it is considered that Move On has been successful.

8. Love and believe in yourself.

If you want to start a new love You have to love yourself even more. Ready to believe that we can be better Don’t think negatively that he left us because we were as bad as Stanford researchers discovered. People who consider their own personality to be toxic to love. Causing a breakup There will be a tendency to lose hope for love in the future. As for those who saw that their personalities could change See the breakup as an opportunity to grow and develop yourself. Will tend to be fulfilled in new relationships And able to move forward more easily

9. Forgive your ex.

If still angry and blaming the old lover for leaving us Is like carrying a bad feeling on your back all the time So moving on is a heavy matter. Plus the fear of pain Until you do not dare to start over with anyone Therefore, despite how much he hurt our feelings Must let go and forgive in all his actions Seeing that it is natural to love and quit Enough to shake off the bad feelings about him Guarantee that you will start again with a more peace of mind.

10. See love as precious.

In the end, you cannot move on anyway. If you lose faith in love, then you must keep a positive view of love. Because love is always beautiful and valuable. Whether it happened or ended Don’t lose hope for love. If you think like this I can believe that there will be good love ahead of you.

Each person’s move on may take different time. Including may not have to use all 10 methods that we have mentioned above Just don’t forget that the love that ends It didn’t end our life either. If our hearts are strong Always ready to start a new love

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