8 ways to be completely friends with your ex

Love is like a two sided coin. When they were happy when they were together But on the other hand, it can cause you suffering when the relationship reaches a stalemate. Until many couples choose to end their problems by breaking up After that, they couldn’t contact each other again for many reasons. But there are some couples who have ended together and can still return to be friends, go out, watch movies, listen to music as before. Until many people wonder how they can get over it

For anyone who is wondering if Can you break up and be friends? Today, Jaruk.com will take you to find answers with 8 ways to be friends with your ex. Starting with try to open your mind and look at the positive world first Then what should I do? Come and see it together!

1. Take a moment to rest your heart from the pain.

Patients still have to take time to recover and restore their health. The symptoms of a broken heart are the same. Nobody gets better or starts over in one day, right? So before we can be friends, it takes time. Stop thinking about him and turn to love yourself a lot, maybe spend a lot of time watching movies. Go out to meet friends Or finding a fun hobby is a good idea.

2. If you are ready, you can start making friends with him.

If you can face him completely Without overthinking your friends or thinking about the past, this is a sign that you are ready to be friends. Starting from saying a message to inquiring about the grief Using basic questions such as how are you? And avoid saying I miss you because you are friends now. But do not forget that in the past you were lovers before. It is considered a delicate word that should never be left out. Even if you really feel that way

3. Do not talk about the past.

Should not talk about the past. Especially the problems that make you both break up Because that means you haven’t let go And it may make him feel so bad that he doesn’t want to be friends with you again. Suggesting to talk about new things, take turns, update each other’s lives. It will help to relax the atmosphere and chat more comfortably.

4. Do not cross the line beyond the word friend.

No matter how good you feel, keep in mind that we are now friends, so there should be a reasonable distance. Avoid talking or acting like they are dating, such as checking their phone without permission. Showing signs of jealousy when he talks to other women Most importantly, do not touch each other’s flesh!

5. Not going on a trip together alone.

This is an iron rule that has it all. Because traveling together privately, in addition to the risk of being overstated If the other person has a girlfriend, it may cause problems and not understand each other. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a friend with you at all times. Or, if absolutely necessary, it is recommended to meet during lunch in a crowded restaurant or cafe.

6. Do not move on in a circle.

Do not use friendships to revert to being your girlfriend again. Because we don’t know whether the other party will feel the same or not. Or he may be studying with other people, so if you do not want to go back to sit and relax. Stop thinking about how to get him back and move on from this cycle.

7. Time to open up to new people into your life.

Have you ever heard that you can regret it, but not for long until it makes you miss the good things that come into your life Give yourself the opportunity to get to know new people and you will know that there are many great people who are ready to walk by your side. But if you are not ready, do not rush into dating someone to solve the loneliness or irony of your ex. Because no one wants to be done like this. Including yourself

8. Be happy when he meets good people

Not only you who have to move on He’s going to have to start over too, so the job of a friend like you is to be happy when he meets someone nice. If you feel truly happy from your heart, then If you can be friends with him very close.

You see, even after the relationship ends, you can still return to be good friends. Some couples when they are friends may even feel better than when they were dating. However, let’s take a look at our methods. Today, go and apply to see it. Allowance will help you more or less.

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