Women finish hard How should I tell my boyfriend? Try these 6 methods, they will work!

Elements of living a long-lasting couple life In addition to having similar habits Keeping up with each other’s problems every now and then, I can’t help talking about bed nets. Because of the research results of the survey on love Often stated that The frequency of sex is the factor that can prolong the relationship. And it’s not just sex that often is good sex. But have to be sex that is happy for both parties as well, if a man is finished, a woman must reach Will bring this love to last forever

Which when I sit and think about it, the completion of both sides seems to be easy But when actually doing the action, the man becomes finished first Let the woman not finish and hold like this So how can you be happy? Then must find a way to tell the boy next to our body. Because forbearance, let it be like this, the relationship between sex is broken May the bully come to ruin your love as well. Today, there are 6 ways to tell my girlfriend about the jar today. That we women would like to finish as well What do you have to do? Let’s see.

1.Could you please do it like this?

Initially, if the girls have not yet reached the dream side But our young man is too tired to continue loving, it’s okay, just let the girls try to speak out for the purpose that our hearts want. For example, can you touch it with your hand? Can this for me or not? Just as you guys are ready to help us complete our dreams.

2. Can I have fun more?

Some women tend to finish pretending to get used to. When wanting to experience the taste of the finish, some of them did not dare to tell him. If so, next time try to pretend that we are done as well. Then lie down for 3-4 minutes, then poke the man and tell him that “Please one more round. I love it. “That’s it. He will definitely be willing and ready to finish (really) us again.

3. Transition from the bed to the bathroom.

Anywhere in bed is unlikely to be able to complete the second round. Try to tempt him by asking him to scrub him, then we pull his arm to take him to the bathroom. Cleansing the body for the male a little as a ceremony And now open the second round of battle, ready to reach the dream side as we could have hoped for

4.Use sex toys to help

Time after completion Our young man may not have much energy to continue to love us. Even if he honestly tells him we’re not done yet, he’s definitely not going to help. We just turn on the machine to work. As for the performance, we let our cool young man do it. In any case, it must definitely be completed by him.

5. Spend longer time to soothe.

If faced with a girlfriend problem, finish quickly As for women, it’s been a very long time to finish. You have to ask the man to change the love game a little later. By trying to get him to comfort us for a longer time To the point that we are satisfied Gradually let him perform the insertion step by step This method, in addition to helping to complete both parties, also creates a close relationship. Body close to the body to make love not far away as well.

6.Say honestly that it’s not done yet.

Since every trick has been tried, it has been done in every way, but it still doesn’t work. If so, it must end with a straightforward communication that we are not done. Should be relevant and most appropriate, but should have an introductory compliment to him before that a little bit “All done, I really love you,” then told him honestly that we weren’t finished. Let’s have a little more fun, baby!

If women use these methods and they still do not work It is best to turn your face to talk directly, tell the man the reason, let the man know that we are not finished. Does he ejaculate too quickly? Did he skip the comforting step? Or change the love style to another position In case I can finish the same as you But if ignorant and refuse to talk The problem of not being completed at the same time May affect more relationships, it is.

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