8 ways to flirt with a guy in a slick fitness routine Plus get a girlfriend back as well!

Today the trend of loving health is becoming popular again. Both in the form of diet and exercise. Especially the young people of the office who do not have much time. Therefore choose to eat clean food and exercise in the fitness Instead of going to sports or running outdoors. With the lack of time for even long outdoor exercise or sporting, the opportunity to meet people has also decreased. Women like us from our night out To meet people, they have to turn to the gym to maintain their health. You will find a man and you can only find it in the gym. And, by the way, the guy in the gym is doing a good job as well, and if you have to work out together every day, then let’s go ahead and flirt with this guy. But will there be some neat ways to flirt with young guys? Today, Piggy.com has come up with a way to flirt with young guys in fitness to leave the girls if anyone has tried it.

1. Light makeup creates a beautiful look like this since birth.

Exercising until sweating, tons of exercise still give me the mood to make up? Don’t be shy about it, the girls are going to come flirt with a guy in the gym and get a fresh face to be shaven, something like this, it needs to be created a bit. You don’t have to put on full makeup until you know you haven’t exercised. Just apply a little more BB cream, loose powder, eyebrows. Finish with a clear gloss is enough, but if any girl wants to apply mascara, then you have to use the ultimate waterproof mascara. Let it hit like a splash of water, mascara will not come off better.

2. Wear a chic workout clothes to catch his eye.

Leave your old, loose workout clothes at home first. And looking for a full set of beautiful workout clothes to wear instead Have you ever seen a female celebrity wearing a gym outfit taking a photo on Instagram? That is the outfit that women should find to wear if they want to flirt with guys in fitness. Our image must look good with every inch in order to attract guys. When it comes to exercising in the fitness center, it should be outstanding that number.

3. Do a variety of exercise Opportunity to meet many men

Believe that girls are not just exercising and looking at a single man. So, it would be nice to allow yourself to meet a variety of different types of men in the gym. Perhaps you will meet a handsome guy from the office next door for a Zumba dance class. Or may meet a younger generation who secretly liked when he was studying at university Walking around and changing to a variety of attractions, in addition to seeing some new men, not sure, men who have never seen us may move on to flirt by themselves. Where we don’t have to gather the courage to flirt with men You can say that walking around in a beautiful fitness center, men can’t help but flirt with me.

4. Find men from the check-in in AIG.

Thanks to today’s technology that connects people closer to each other Or even following the life of a man who secretly likes from fitness is not difficult, especially girls who do not dare to talk face-to-face with a guy who secretly likes. Take a look at the fitness check-in location. Either on popular social media like Instagram or on Facebook, calmly, slowly scrolling to look at the guys that we secretly like, have to check in that they are in the gym. Once you’ve found his social media, you can add it as a friend or follow him right away, so don’t be embarrassed by missing out on the fitness routine and you won’t be able to miss it online again.

5. Turn to smile at him once. It’s a good start to greetings.

Running on the treadmill next to each other for several months, even looking at each other once, I never did !!! Khun She plays and runs with her frown all the time, does not know that she runs until she is tired Or because he was angry that he didn’t come to flirt first It’s okay, girls, he doesn’t flirt with us first, we can smile at him first. Just gather courage Turn to smile at him once, no one is mean The black heart doesn’t smile at us. When we first started smiling at him After seeing him at any point in the fitness center, we dare to smile at him every time I see it. Remember that every relationship has a beginning. The first week may only be smiling for each other for 7 days, but who knows, the following week he might be asking for ID line because he wants to see our smiles all the time.

6. Observe his fitness schedule.

Most of the people who exercise will have a certain amount of time. It is convenient to go in the evening to the night. Therefore, girls should make a good time shift that the man we like him at any time. Or if you have not particularly liked someone Explore which time there are most men exercising and choose to go at that time. We assure you that we will not miss the right person. Or if it would be better If there are any young people that we already like Greet the appointment for the time to exercise. Just tell him you’re afraid of being lonely. I only want people to run as friends.

7. Ask him some great exercise tips.

If you don’t want to pay extra for the trainer, but want to know more tips for proper exercise. Ask the guy that you are aiming for if he has any good tips to suggest us or not. Maybe try watching his exercise method first, for example, “Wow !!! Give me a long time. What’s any secret? ”Or“ The arms are very tight. Is there any cool way to do it? I want to get a toned upper arm. Is ready to describe all the secrets that he has learned for us to listen to Although the tips mentioned above may be right and wrong Well, do not interrupt him just yet, we just want to find flirt with him, not to be a serious debate about exercise. After finishing this exercise, tell him before he goes back. That the latter day will definitely ask for good tips from him

8. How much sweat you get, be confident.

What many women often miss when exercising in the gym is that they lack confidence when sweating. When not confident enough, he will not dare to come close to a man who secretly likes immediately Do not think like that, you girls, because we are not just sweating in the body. But everyone in the fitness was flooded with sweat and all of the people in the gym were brave enough to find a way to exercise near him. Guarantee must have a chance to talk for sure

I want the girls to know that flirting with a guy first is not a shameful thing. Or even make-up and dress pretty for men to look at, it’s not wrong at all. But it’s even more wrong if you let the good opportunities slip away.

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