What kind of kiss do men like? It’s time to delve into the 7 greatest weaknesses of boys.

What many people overlook in a relationship aside from telling each other they love each other, little things like showing love by kissing are just as important. See Oxford University research on Examining the Possible Functions of Kissing in Romantic Relationships. Or can be translated into Thai as “Test the possibility of how kissing can affect a romantic relationship,” polled 308 men and 594 women on the subject.

As a result, it turns out that a good kiss and a kiss every day without any special occasion involved. It can actually improve long-term relationships. This is different from short-term relationships where kissing is only done before or during sex. Therefore, the results of this research are very proof that How important is a kiss in a marriage? Knowing that kissing is so important, then let’s have a look. What kind of kisses can make a lover’s heart

What kind of kiss do men like?

It is a question that sounds difficult to answer, but actually it is not difficult at all, you girls, because our beloved men did not guess that hard a bit As long as you start approaching men first to eliminate the problem of shyness and insolence. And then kiss him often and gently every day. Remember, it’s easy. “Kiss a guy before kissing often, kiss every day, add a lot of sweetness to each other.” That’s what men like.

How to kiss !!

Before we get to know what kind of kiss a man will like Let’s see how to kiss each other better than how to kiss the correct way. And help you not be embarrassed too

1. Sending a signal that you are ready to kiss

Sometimes kissing is so embarrassed that you don’t dare to say it into words. Then try your body language by looking at your eyes and revealing your lips. The method is not difficult, just look at our young man, open a small mouth to see that we are ready to kiss. It’s that simple. Try to do it.

2. A gentle kiss can add to the romance.

Slowly start kissing so you don’t have to rush. Don’t let your lips hit each other too hard, and don’t make too much noise. A romantic kiss is enough.

3. Be careful not to drool during the kiss.

This has to be especially careful because each time you kiss, we can hardly be careful with the gesture of kissing. Saliva is always ready to flow. If you realize that your saliva has begun to be too much, it is better to swallow immediately.

4. Don’t keep kissing until you forget to breathe.

Many people kiss so deeply that they forget to breathe, which can be easily exhausting.Try practicing the kiss with a nasal breath as well. Or if you can’t really do it, just take a break and kiss it before you kiss again.

5. Put your hands well without being embarrassed.

If you feel embarrassed that you don’t know where to place your hand Try to place your hand on the shoulder of the man. Then the man will wrap our waist back. Able to hold both hands and embrace them at the same time

7 super weak points Where the kiss goes, men like it.

When cutting off the shyness and practice kissing until used. Now let’s take a look at where to kiss. You guys will like him and want us to kiss there and so on.

1.Kiss the guy on the back of the neck

Many people may be surprised why they have to kiss each other on the back of the neck. Can’t kiss on the neck? Because kissing on the back of the neck is often a kind of attack, a male kiss is not aware that he is about to be kissed right now. If the lady embraces him from behind and leans up to kiss the back of the man’s neck for a kiss. I can assure you that all day, he will embarrass us until the cheeks are blushing anyway.

2. Kiss the guy on the shoulder

Another point on the body that clearly shows how strong the young man is. Because the shoulders of a young man are wider than that of a young woman If a woman tries to kiss the shoulder, which is one of the important points that women overlook, but men are always proud. To the point that there is a saying that “Shoulders are for her to lie.” When the woman both caresses and kisses that broad shoulder every day, the man probably lost until he could not escape.

3.Kiss the guy on the ear

One more unexpected point But how do you kiss the man? He’s both shy and teething. Try to kiss the entire ear or the inside of his ear. Or who is still embarrassed Never kissed on this spot before. Let’s start with a soft whisper in the ear, just let our mouth close to his ear.

4. Kiss the guy on the hand

In addition to shaking hands can make you embarrassed. Taking a kiss into the palm of the hand makes it as good as possible. But usually men tend to kiss a woman’s hand from time to time. If a woman tries to kiss your hand, a man gently, he would be embarrassed to look at us. Saw that there was only in the drama The hero kisses the heroine’s hand When coming to real life, the heroine kisses the male protagonist’s hand, probably not lightly cute.

5. Kiss the guy on his back

The wide back of a man who does not touch much. If the back can speak, it would be a hurtful complaint that no one cares about. Try to kiss the back when a man takes off his shirt. He must have been astonishing. In any case, next time I would say for us to kiss the back of him as well.

6. Kiss the guy on the cheek

Everyone likes to be kissed and kissed on the cheeks. Well, even if we see a cute little child, we still have fangs, I want to kiss his cheeks often, and if it is our cute girlfriend, there is or that we will not. But the cheeks are already boring Try to kiss your mouth and stamp on his cheek for a while. This event is embarrassing. Both people kiss. People will be kissed for sure.

7. Kiss the guy on the mouth

Known for a kiss, a kiss is not as good as a kiss on the mouth. This can be a normal kiss, with just the lips hitting each other, or a tongue-in-cheek kiss. Just keep kissing every day, you guys are satisfied. But more importantly, you should take care of bad breath before juicing.

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