5 behavior of men Who said he was single

You may have heard the saying “Women have hundreds of mischief cartoons” but wait !!! Who said that men are less deceitful than women? Not really. Men have the same guilt as women like us, plus now there are some types of men who like to act, single. To check your own rating And then came to flirt with us If we are not careful. It may have a bad feeling with these types of men as well. Today we have a way to observe men who like to act as if they are single. In order to be aware of these people

1. All the bosses about the date.

Girls secretly observe that… When you go out with him. It is you or him who will be the party for the date, time and place if you take turns offering ideas It would not be strange. But it will suddenly become strange and suspicious. If he is going to be the date and planning every date. Without letting you offer anything It is possible that he had prepared all of them. Not going to go where there is a risk of meeting another woman

2. Love and have to wait a little.

It happens that if you suddenly start to suspect that he is not truly single. The classic sentence she always hears him reply to, “He broke up with his ex for a long time But just now, he’s not ready to start over with anyone. ”Long, the girls found this sentence. Be aware that you are just an “option” but not “real”. Wait, it means nothing.

3. Do not let the phone touch.

I do not tell, I know that the phone is for personal use. Most of the time, we are the only ones who use the fan status. That men will allow the phone to check But if in the event that he acts like a single He will ask to get up and exercise his personal rights. Ask for some privacy By reasoning that we do not want us to intervene And what can you do Unless you have to respect his rights implicitly, huh? Oh, because you and him are not a couple.

4. He can’t be with you on a special day.

Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or a holiday He cannot come to be with you. Although able to live Just stay for a minute Because he always has an excuse that He has to go to live with his family. To manage that business here Or … this took a lot of time to come to you specifically. But actually, he just had to share time with other girls.

5. Not willing to take us to meet our family.

I’ve known each other for a long time. But why? Or he would say something like that “It was not the right time” because it was possible to take a woman to meet her family. He himself admits to a certain extent your status. But he tells you that “It’s not the right time.” That means there is a possibility that he has other options that are more worth considering than you.

We believe that there should be no other woman who likes a relationship like this. Because it started on insincere He himself acted as single. Until you were born accidentally in a heart And when do you think I will be the real one? Try to see events like this for a long time, then no one will be able to stand it, right? It is where you girls will choose what kind of person you want to be, exactly?

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