5 warning signs that you have a heart for others

Love is something that we rarely get, sometimes even though we already have a girlfriend. But like the heavens and earth bully I want to test my heart Making you unaware, secretly giving your heart to someone else in no time If you are lucky, you know quickly, you can return to be a good lover in time. Today we want you to try to check the symptoms and see that. Are you now secretly hooking up to someone else? So that they can turn themselves into repentance before their love falls

1. Try to find something to talk about.

It is considered a preliminary symptom. By human instinct If we care about someone, they tend to get their attention through various methods such as asking them to talk. And even if there aren’t many things to talk about You will try to find something to talk to. These are your efforts It is a signal that tells you that you are starting to get interested in him quite a bit.

2. Look forward to chatting from him.

Instead of rejoicing when your boyfriend chat or call you. In addition to not being happy. Still turned away But if you try to be “that person”, you are delighted to smile indefinitely. If not for too much veil of hair This is a symptom of a secret person. However, this was a very dangerous feeling. If you leave it for a long time, it’s definitely not good for either party.

3.Start making comparisons

Notice how often “that person” gets into your head in your free time. And twice as bad If you start thinking about comparing “lover” and “that person,” which person is better? Which one gives you more happiness and spiritual support? Try, if you have thought of this kind of comparison. I guarantee that it will definitely affect your relationship with the real person. If not in a hurry to clear up your feelings perfectly

4. Hiding the relationship of “that person”

Just when your relationship with “that person” is a normal friend. But why would you want to make the relationship between the two really stealthy, right? Well, if really innocent, it is not difficult. To introduce your boyfriend to get to know him at least to give attention and make your boyfriend feel comfortable.

5. I want to have a time with him.

It’s normal for people to want to tell each other a different story from time to time, but it would be strange if you felt that you would be happy to tell “that person” stories. More then let your boyfriend be the last person to know the story. You see, this is not a joke, because it means that you have reduced your focus on your girlfriend.

To be honest, this kind of thing is just a sudden, shocking emotion. But it will only happen if you, girls, let this feeling continue. Your love can easily reach a dead end ^ ^

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