Banana benefits Help with health There are more properties than you think.

Bananas are a fruit that is known to benefit the body. But believe it or not, actually the benefits of bananas may be greater than we have ever known. And bananas can also help with both health issues And the beauty is quite beautiful! If so, don’t wait. Let’s look at the benefits of bananas better.

1. Helps cure migraines.

Migraine headaches are very torture for people with this disorder. And if migraine headaches visit you often, we recommend eating bananas to help reduce your headache. Because bananas are rich in magnesium. That will help relieve and prevent migraine headaches.

2. Sleep well, just eat a banana.

Bananas are also rich in amino acids and tryptophan. An essential compound of serotonin production in the brain. Which is like a natural sedative Therefore, people who have difficulty sleeping or sleep with restlessness all along. Want to challenge you to try eating bananas after dinner for a while

3. It helps to increase physical strength.

Vitamin C is an essential part of the body’s energy production processes. And bananas are also very high in vitamin C. This is the answer to why eating bananas before exercising will make you more tired. Or anyone who feels weak enough to eat a banana, they become more energetic easily

4. Reduce stress.

When we feel stressed up Blood pressure will rise higher than normal. Which the process of causing feelings of stress or anxiety right here The potassium contained in bananas will help relieve blood pressure to return to a calm state. In nutrition, bananas are considered to be another natural sedative.

5. Eat bananas to lose weight better.

Bananas contain vitamins B1 and B2 to help speed up the metabolism of sugar and fat. It also contains carbohydrates that are good for the body. Contains soluble fiber Therefore, when the banana falls into the digestive system, it absorbs water. Swelling and helping to make the stomach feel fuller for longer. Plus, eating bananas in the morning can also help reduce the craving for desserts as well, because the sweetness of the bananas will fill the craving for different types of desserts, and the sweetness of the banana is also free of calories.

6. Nourish the heart

Potassium is a neurotransmitter that stimulates the work of the heart. Maintain a healthy heart, not the risk of heart disease. And as I mentioned, the properties of bananas in the beginning that bananas are very high in potassium. Plus less sodium Therefore, bananas are a fruit that nourishes the heart. And maintain the cardiovascular system with relatively high efficiency

7.Nourish eyesight

Vitamin A plus beta carotene And alpha – carotene contained in bananas. It will help maintain eyesight and vision as well. Especially to prevent blurred vision Blurred vision Because bananas will help maintain the functioning of the optic nerve system, sure enough.


Although bananas are a fruit that does not contain calcium. But fructose oligosaccharides (Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)) carbohydrates that have properties like soluble fiber in bananas. Will help increase the efficiency of the digestive system And promote the intestines to absorb more calcium from the food they eat Make the body get more calcium to nourish the bones as well.

9. can cure hangover effectively

According to the study results, it was found that If you are sane enough to eat a banana before drunk, sleep a little. A hangover headache may not happen to your body at all. This is because the minerals and nutrients in bananas can help alleviate headaches. However, if you drink too much that you don’t know about it And wake up in the morning with a heavy hangover This case recommends banana smoothies. Better drink to cure a hangover

10. Cure constipation

For those who have problems with the digestive system and intestines. This problem is easily solved by eating bananas on a regular basis. This is because bananas contain all the probiotics that help produce good bacteria in the gut. And eliminating the bad bacteria in the intestines In addition, bananas contain fructose oligosaccharides. (Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)) soluble fiber that will help the digestive system more flexible.

In addition to the benefits of bananas and health. Who wants to be more beautiful than they are, can help with bananas. By bringing a banana mixed with real honey to mask the face Or to marinate your hair with bananas, it will make your hair shiny. Looks gaining weight.

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