9 healthy ways to lose weight, healthy like a Japanese woman Revealing a secret to a good figure to follow

It is well known that most Japanese girls are not fat. Plus they look healthy and younger. Regardless of age Where it comes from, it comes from the culture and that you take good care of yourself. This should be a good model for people who are on a diet or want to lose weight. Conclude today we will take you to understand the secrets of Japanese women.

1.Diet with nutritious food

Don’t just think that Japanese people love to eat only sushi. Because if looking at the dining table of the Japanese Fish, seaweed, vegetables, soybeans, rice, fruits and green tea are also often seen in our meals. Which of these foods is this that helps the Japanese people to stay in shape and be healthy. Because they are all low-fat foods. In addition, Japanese people tend to eat meals in moderation and balance. Therefore it is no surprise that Japanese women are in good shape

2. Serve in moderation.

If you take a closer look, you will see that different food in Japanese restaurants will be served differently from home. It is served in small portions, small quantities, using a clean cup and plate. Focus on good decoration. Not so many dishes Lay it in a natural way Let us enjoy the food slowly and control the amount of food in the body as well, for example sushi that is served in mouthfuls makes you eat and feel full like this.

3. There are cooking techniques.

To make food good, it must be cooked properly, clean, safe and of high quality in terms of equipment, ingredients, cooking time and temperature. And must maintain the value of the food as much as possible This is what the Japanese have always practiced. Because Japanese food is often stewed, grilled, boiled and fried with special containers. Add little oil Make the food not greasy Eat and not get fat.

4. Abstain from bread, focus on rice!

Bread and rice are the same energy carbohydrates. But most of the bread is white flour. Plus often add butter and salt to it. Which may not be very good for your health Therefore, Japanese people choose to eat rice rather than bread. Because it has all the benefits and energy Match the style of Thai people This is another simple way to help us lose weight.

5.Important breakfast Power up with miso soup

Breakfast is the most important meal for Japanese people. And is a very important meal for people who are on a diet as well Because if we starve breakfast Will make us want to eat lunch more Now, it’s easy to gain weight and the tip of the Japanese breakfast is. In addition to eating fish, rice, seaweed omelette You will also have to drink miso soup. Because miso soup is high in probiotics And it also helps to increase the energy our body is ready for work all day long.

6. Reduce the dessert a little.

It is well known that sweets made from sugar are the enemy of people who want to lose weight. Therefore, the Japanese rarely serve desserts after meals. Or if you want to eat, then eat only a little And often choose to eat sweets without sugar Or less sugar, low fat, or served as a fruit instead This is because fruit contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and also has less sugar than desserts. It is more friendly to our weight.

7. Chew slowly and eat only 80%.

Dietary methods are also very important in weight loss for Japanese people. The Japanese will focus on eating small bites, chewing slowly and thoroughly using small plates. Maintain the natural flavor of food Little cooked and decorated Each type of food has to be on a separate plate. And each dish must not be too many

In addition to this, the Japanese eat only 80% of their food by stopping before they are completely full and waiting 20 minutes to make sure they are really full, which will keep you full. Not too tight Plus, eat the food that is necessary for the body and eat it in smaller amounts.

8. Have a positive attitude to lose weight.

Japanese people do not use the method to reduce or starve intensely. Because they believe that eating a good and varied diet can be enjoyed in conjunction with exercise. To be the correct weight loss Therefore, a good attitude to lose weight is an important part of the Japanese people to lose weight effectively.


Of course, this is an important way to lose weight in addition to food. Is exercise Because exercise will help you lose weight and see results and help them get in shape even more. Which Japanese people are already popular to exercise in their daily life. Whether it is walking to work Walk up the stairs Or cycling, which is considered an important vehicle of Japan ever That makes the Japanese people cut calories easily, making them less fat and a good lifestyle. And help reduce pollution from cars as well

All of this is considered a good way to lose weight, which Thai women read and then can apply the tips of Japanese women to apply. Let’s follow along, starting with two points a day. I certify that I will soon have a beautiful figure like a Japanese woman for sure.

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