15 ways to exercise to increase height + help you lose weight Cut the stubby problem, one roll is over!

During the age of exponents It may make us look a ton and not as high as expected. Which if you want to increase your height while losing weight Let me tell you, we have some exercise methods that can help you increase your height and lose weight. And can give good results for both adolescents or even those who have stopped high anyway.

Which I must say before that we are fat Having excess weight, bloated body, that can automatically make us look stumpy and short. In addition, being overweight, or simply being obese, may also cause the lumbar spine not stretching as well. Which is for this reason, research has been done on losing weight and increasing the height.

The research that belongs to the neurosurgeon team Israel led by Dr. Zvi Lidar, who studied it in 2012, where he led a group of obese patients to experiment with weight loss. And from the results of the study it was found that The fact that the volunteers lost weight significantly increased their height, ie after a successful weight loss. The neurosurgeon team found that the lumbar intervertebral disc between the fourth and the fifth of the experimental group that lost weight There is an increase of approximately 2 mm.

Therefore, losing weight can really help increase your height, but if you want to exercise, increase your height and lose weight at the same time. Jar.com is recommended as a exercise method that focuses on the use of joints, stretching, or movement of joints and bones. As the following exercise method

1. Jump rope to increase height

Jumping rope can really help you increase your height because your physique while jumping rope allows you to stretch straight, both your mid-back muscles, as well as your leg muscles are stretched. But there is also a trick to jump rope to increase the height a little. By allowing us to stretch our body as straight as possible while jumping rope And should jump rope every day at least 15-20 minutes per day, it will increase the height we have about 2-3 inches.

In addition, rope skipping is also a type of aerobic exercise. This will help burn up to 1,300 calories per 1 hour of skipping. So as to reduce obesity Without a doubt increase the height because of jumping rope

2.Hanging bar

Baring is a method of exercise that plays directly with the earth’s gravity. Thus helping the spine and joints to stretch better Also, swinging the bar is great for strengthening the muscles of the hands, arms, shoulders and legs. However, if you want to burn more calories It is recommended to perform the pose by swinging the bar with the knees bent. Pull the joint to raise your torso as high as you can. Then dropped straight as before And repeat about 3 more sets per bar one time

3. Swim breaststroke

This pose allows you to get the most out of your back, shoulders and arms. It is considered to be a good height swimming posture. But if one is comfortable, swimming in other positions is not a problem. Because swimming is a exercise that encourages stretching. And also stimulates the creation of growth hormones Which is a hormone that helps the body grow Can help to increase the height for us Just swim for 30-40 minutes a day on a regular basis.

4. Swimming on land

For those who still can’t swim You can try swimming on land first. Starting from lying face down, legs straight, arms straight forward. Then raise the left arm and the left leg at the same time. Then switch to raise the right arm and the left leg at the same time Continue to mimic the swimming style, trying to keep your arms and legs as straight as possible. Do it until you can’t feel it. This position will help stretch the leg muscles. And the spine as well

5.Bend the body + touch the legs

This exercise is easy. And should have been familiar since childhood Starting from standing straight, feet close together Then leaned down until he could touch the back of the foot. Or can be caught on the heel With the legs still straight And the knees are not bent as well This position will help stretch the spine and leg muscles more.

6. Sit on your toes.

Sit with your legs straight and your feet close together, then slowly bend your hands to touch the toes, which may at first touch the toes, but try to keep practicing as this is a straightening stretch for the muscles that help straighten the spine. At all

7. Supine Position (Pelvic Shift)

Start from lying on your back. Both hands are placed on the sides of the body. With his palms facing down to the ground Then lift your knees up to a 90-degree angle to the floor and lift your hips off the floor. Inhale for about 3 breaths, then lower yourself back to starting position.Repeat 2 more times, this will stretch your back muscles. spine And rear leg muscles


8. Cycling

We will use the strength of our legs for cycling all the time. The method of exercising by cycling helps to stretch the leg muscles as effectively as possible. In addition, cycling is also classified as a weight loss exercise for people whose knees are not very good.

9. Stand up.

This position is easy. Just stand with your legs spread as much as your shoulders. Straighten up with hands clasped above your head. Then try to straighten your back and twist your body back and forth. This position will help us to stretch the spine. Arm-leg muscles And helps to tighten the calves as well

10. Squat Jump

In the squat position Crouching and jumping up to full height. Along with raising the Shanchu above the head, repeat for 2 minutes, this exercise will help stretch the leg muscles. Arm muscles And spine As well as being a bodyweight exercise that stimulates the secretion of growth hormones in the body

11. Lie on your stomach with legs raised.

Lie face down on a yoga mat. Hands stacked under the chin Legs stretched straight back Then switch legs up one by one. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds on each side and try to raise your leg as high as you can. This pose will help stimulate the spine. And rear leg muscles

12. Lie on your back, raise your legs straight.

Lie on your back, clasp your hands on your neck. Then raise your legs straight. Hold the position for a while, then slowly lower your leg until almost touching the floor and hold the position for 3-5 seconds. Lift your leg back up as before. Doing this about 7-8 times a day will greatly stretch your spine and back muscles.

13. Plank

Practicing plank exercises can effectively improve the flexibility of your muscles. Just by doing it every day, you will be able to stretch your body even more. And playing this pose also helps strengthen the back muscles. Especially in the part that will support our spine as well.

14. Yoga to increase height

Yoga is a great exercise to stretch your muscles and bones. The most popular yoga poses for height increase include cobra yoga, cat pose, cat pose, or bent body yoga. Each position must be trained and how to stretch specific muscles. You can read on from the link below.

15. Jumping trampoline

Trampoline jumping exercises provide optimal stretching of muscles for heightening (Proper Stretching and Exercising Techniques) because they make bones thicker and stronger by stimulating growth hormone secretion. And the increased thickness of the leg bones will increase the height by at least 2.5 cm ever. It is also a fun way to exercise.

However, not only do these exercises help increase your height. But exercise of all kinds will help us to use more energy in the body. This means that the chances of accumulating excess energy from the food we eat are lessened. Allowing us to lose weight in the body But it’s important to help us lose weight easily. It is to control food, along with it. And try to get enough rest

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