8 fat man yoga poses For big size women just starting to exercise

For people who are overweight or have long established themselves as obese. And recently thought that he would like to exercise for good health Today, Jaruk.com has recommended yoga poses for obese people. And do not have to be afraid that this will be an extremely difficult exercise Because we told you that Provided, but the position that can be followed Let’s … start yoga

1. Forward Fold Yoga

Usually this pose is a standing bent yoga pose. But for yoga, obese people allow us to use a chair as an aid. Because if lending, stoop may not be good at each other The benefits of this pose help reduce stress. Reduce headaches Relieve lower back pain And stimulates the digestive system Including stimulating abdominal organs along the way

How to train

– Sit with your back straight on a chair. Without leaning on the back of the chair

– Extend both arms above the head, stretching the arms as far as possible.

– exhale and slowly bow down

– Inhale and try to bend your palms to the tips of your toes or the floor as much as possible.

– Exhale, relax a little. And hold this position for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute Then return to the starting position

* In the early stages you may not be able to bend down too much, so do not be discouraged, keep practicing, your muscles will be flexible and perform this pose perfectly someday. (*: * * * * *) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2. Downward Dog

This pose is great for relieving back pain in overweight people. It is a position that helps relax the muscles of the neck and upper back.

How to train

– Lie face down on the floor Then place your hands on the floor with your palms level with your chest.
– Push up with your knees and feet in the same place. You will now be in a crawling position.
– Try to keep your back parallel to the ground. Then move your toes lean against the ground. Then lift the hips up, knees do not bend, elbows do not fold, back straight and try to press the heels to the ground
– Steep in this position for a while, then slowly return to the starting position.

3. Mountain pose yoga

For obese people who feel uncomfortable Shortness of breath Like not breathing fully Try practicing mountain posture yoga. This pose will help stimulate the respiratory system. And help relax the muscles More importantly, it is also a very easy pose.

How to train

– Stand straight with your feet With the heel and shoulder in the same position
– Stretch your knees And tighten the thigh muscles to tighten the knees
– Tighten the abdominal muscles, stretch your chest, back and neck upright and look straight ahead.
– Maintain body balance by keeping the weight straight from the head. Down to the shoulders and toward the center of the hips to the knees, ankles, and soles of your feet.
– Place your arms against your body Or fold your hands over your head
– Inhale-out slowly and steadily for 3-5 breaths, then loosen the position.

4. Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

If there is a problem with sitting on the floor I want you to try to practice sitting in a chair. This exercise will help you exercise your back muscles. Hip muscle And buttocks at the same time, resulting in stronger core muscles And more flexible too

How to train

– Stand with feet together Keep your knees taut Contract the thigh muscles to tighten the knees.
– Separate your legs slightly, inhale slowly, raise your hands perpendicular to the floor.
– Exhale, bend your knees down as much as possible until they are parallel to the floor.
– Stretch the chest, straighten the body. Try not to let your body bend forward.
– Hold this position for 30 seconds – 1 minute, then slowly release your hands back to your feet.

5. Goddess

This pose is suitable for people who want to burn fat and get a toned body from arms, hips and buttocks.

How to train

– Bend your knees, spread your legs wide, at a right angle to the floor.
– Raises the arms perpendicularly. Fingers pointing up Try to keep your shoulders parallel to your elbows.
– Inhale slowly and slowly fold your arms down while keeping your shoulders contracted.
– Slowly exhale and fold his arms up.
– Stand and hold in this position as long as possible. And fold the arms up and down in succession 20 times
– spread the arms at the sides of the body Breathe in – out slowly and relax.

6.Cat-Cow pose

It not only reduces back pain But this yoga pose also helps the core muscles from the neck to the buttocks to be flexible. It also helps us breathe more deeply. Because it is a posture that is beneficial to the organ system in the abdomen as well.

How to train

– Kneel and place your hands on the ground. Where the hand must be aligned with the shoulder blades The knee should match the waist.
– Try to measure the distance between the knees and hands to be equal to the length of our body.
– Inhale, slowly looking up. And bent the bottom to be higher than the back
– Exhale while keeping your chin close to your chest. Arching the back in a threatening cat manner
– Hold the position for a while And then go back and repeat for 10-15 sets

7. Warrior Pose

This is another yoga posture that obese people can easily do. And the warrior pose will help strengthen the muscles of the thighs, calves, ankles, and back. Prepare yourself before going to the next level of difficult yoga poses. In addition, Warrior pose yoga 1 can help relieve back pain. And stimulate the abdominal organs as well

How to train

– Start with the dog downward, exhale slowly and pull the right knee back towards you. The feet will be placed between the palms of both hands. The tips of the toes and the tips of the fingers are in the same plane.
– Gently push the upper body up With the right foot still in the same position
– Rotate the left foot 90 degrees to the left, the right foot slightly to the left.
– Bend your left knee down until your left hip is level with your left knee. Left knee and left heel are in line vertically, right leg taut.
– stretches both arms The left arm to the left Right arm to the right Both arms parallel to the floor, facing to the left, looking at the fingertips.
– Extend the waist, torso and arms to the left as much as possible.
– Hold for 30 seconds – 1 minute loosen posture.
– Switch sides, do the same pose

8.Cobra pose yoga

This position has double benefits. Because it focuses on exercising the spine and abdomen in the body

How to train

– Lie on your stomach, bend your elbows, upper arms and hands close to the sides of your body, legs close together, or spread your legs about one shoulder.
– stretch your arms up But try to keep the elbow slightly bent to lift the upper body.
– Open your chest, open your shoulders, try to stretch your head parallel to the upper body.
– Hold the position and take 3-5 breaths in-out and then return to the prone position as the beginning.

Let’s start exercising together. Do not care about how much weight we are. Because even though they are very obese, they can comfortably practice these yoga poses, making them a habit every day. And will see our own improvement someday

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