Yoga for obese people with 5 tips you should know before practicing

Keep in mind that yoga is not just for thin people or with a flexible body. Because no matter what shape you are, you can play it without any problems. Especially obese women who do not think to do yoga because it is impossible. Please think again. Because just adjust it to suit yourself Along with practicing the 5 tips that CureJoy has given me, it’s enough that fat girls can do yoga with ease.

Find a trainer

If taking yoga seriously First of all, you should find a trainer who will help you with tips on how to do yoga for obese people as well. Because even though there are many yoga teachers But that doesn’t mean they all are good at teaching fat people yoga. So try to find a yoga instructor who will help you play with you and not feel the pressure when practicing.

Do not practice anti-gravity yoga.

Although there are trends of anti-gravity yoga to challenge women like us, for obese people, it is fine to do yoga without the gravity of the world. Like practicing yoga, downward dog posture (Downward-Facing Dog) will help tighten the muscles. But if you can’t actually bend your hand to the ground, you may be able to use a yoga tool, such as a block, to help.

Slowly practice

Don’t assume that exercise must be done quickly, even if it works, because practically slow yoga will not have any negative effects. Importantly, practicing yoga at a slow pace will increase your flexibility and vitality.

Listen to what your body says

Not all yoga poses are right for you, right? Therefore, when doing any position and feeling uncomfortable Feel pain or something I tell you that you should not force it and you don’t have to listen to anyone’s words. Because your own body knows best.

Use auxiliary equipment

Yoga equipment is essential to help you perform easier, better, and correct postures when doing yoga at school. You may be able to choose a fully equipped device. But if playing at home You may also be able to find a household item that can be used as a yoga aid. For example, a belt that you use can also be used as a yoga belt.

You see, fat girls can practice yoga too, it’s hard not to see. Even if practiced regularly, it will give you good physical and mental health. Plus the muscles will also be stronger than before as well.

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