15 ways to exercise at home, fit and firm without going out!

Many people like to think that effective exercise requires the use of equipment or to exercise outside, and practically anywhere exercise can do it. Because do not forget that exercising outside the home also has restrictions on the environment, weather or time that may be an obstacle. Don’t let those obstacles ruin our intentions. Let’s take a look at these 15 home workouts. I would like to say that even if it is a workout at home, it can keep the body fit and firm as well.

1. Jump rope

It starts with a very basic exercise like jumping rope. For many people, it would have been playing since childhood.Even though it looks simple, it works just as well as other types of exercise that, in addition to helping sweating, it also helps strengthen the body. And also have fun In which, if you want to make jumping rope not boring, try inviting the people in the house to jump rope together. It’s good to go again.

2. Pilates

Pilates is an exercise that focuses on strengthening the muscles in the body without much exertion. And the exercise posture is not as difficult as you might think, but in the beginning it is better to study the correct posture from an expert. To exercise Pilates will be more effective.

3. Stretch

It is a method of exercise that both builds muscle strength. And helps to relax the muscles from hard work as well Reduce injuries that can be caused by excessive use. It also doesn’t require any equipment, just know how to do the correct stretching.

4. Jogging in place

If it is not convenient to exercise outside the home But would like to jog Try using the static method. Exercise with stationary running will help keep the body awake and energetic. It is also considered a cardio exercise that is beneficial for both the heart as well. And if you want to give yourself a challenge, just raise your knees higher and your body will work out amazingly.

5. Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that is effective for both the body and mind. It also does not require equipment. Just having a yoga mat is enough. As for yoga poses, they range from simple postures to those that require expertise. They may start practicing by themselves or take a yoga class for proper training. Say that if you do it on a regular basis, your health will certainly be good.

young woman doing stretch exercise on floor

6.Six high

It may be a position that requires a lot of effort. But gave excellent results By this position, you can burn at least 50-80 calories per time. It also stimulates the circulatory system to be able to circulate more throughout the body. Which if wanting to start doing this pose Started by sitting facing the wall And began to kick his legs up in the air Keep your arms on the ground on both sides until you can balance. But I must say that you don’t do this for too long, as it may lead to congestion.

7. Dance

What better way to relieve stress and exercise better than dancing? Just turn on the music and move your body to the beat. It can help burn a lot of calories ever. Or if dancing alone is not fun Can invite others to join as well It’s fun again.

8. Spranking

Sprain is one of those exercises that don’t take long, but they can help build muscle. Just in the start to push up and hold. Starting at 30 seconds a day and increasing in 10-second increments, it will help the arms that support our body to be stronger. And if you want to add a little more challenge Try to support the legs with the ball to make the lift higher But do not force it too much, as this can cause the arms to support too much weight and injure you.

9. Jump Slap

Since I was young We all know this exercise routine from our morning exercise. Or in physical education But don’t think that jumping and slapping moves are useless. Because jumping slaps is also a highly effective cardio exercise. Moreover, you can also do it at any time. Whether it is when watching TV Or waiting for the washing machine to run All of them

10. Pushups

These are basic exercises that help build strength in your body. Including strengthening the muscles of the chest, abdomen, arms and thighs Just lie down on the floor Then put the palm of his hand on it to lean himself up Let your toes peck to the ground, slowly lifting the upper body. And lowered body so that the chest is as close to the floor as possible while keeping the body in a straight line Repeat until you complete the desired set on a daily basis, guaranteeing good results without having to exercise outside the house.

11. Wet Training

Another way to build muscle that you can do at home is through weight training. The equipment is not difficult to find. No need to buy a set of dumbbells to lose money in the first place. Just find a water bottle about 1.5 liters size, fill it up with water and lift it up and down every day. If you want to be heavier, change the bottle size. It will help the arm muscles that dream come to greet you for sure. And after If you want to continue training, you can buy a dumbbell set to exercise at home. But do not forget to stretch before and after playing. So that there is no injury

12. Going up and down the stairs

Who would have believed that going up and down the stairs was already an exercise? It’s also a great cardio workout. But if you think you don’t have a chance to get up and down the stairs often at home, then try to switch to using the stairs instead of the elevator at work as well.

13. House cleaning

Sweep the house, mop the house, do laundry or wash the bathroom. They are all chore activities that we do on a regular basis. Do not think that you don’t want to do it at all, because doing housework can actually be an exercise too. In addition to having a clean and tidy house It also comes with a fit and firm body that you may not be aware of as well.

14. Do exercise by following YouTube video clips.

In an age when technology is easily accessible to almost every household Exercise is not difficult anymore. Want to know how to exercise? Just browse through YouTube. Or you can exercise according to the same You don’t have to leave the house to exercise, see?

15.Exercise with equipment

If any home has enough funds for investing in health Getting some exercise equipment or some exercise equipment in your home is a bad idea. It may require a little investment the first time. But you will get your own equipment and stay with us for a long time, but you will have to be disciplined with yourself, otherwise the purchased exercise equipment may turn into a clothes drying rack.

How are you doing These home exercises are easier than you think, right? Actually, exercise doesn’t have to be done outdoors. We just have the mind to really exercise and have enough discipline. Even if you are in the house or outside the house, at work, you can exercise.

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