How do you jump? Do not need to reconcile the fitness.











Jumping and dancing is a very popular thing that children love because they are fun. But if you are a grown man like us, you want to go and jump like a kid, he probably doesn’t look pretty, right? Come on! Do not care from now on. Because jumping like a child is what makes us better.

When it comes to exercising, many people are thinking about playing different sports. They also have to invest in sportswear and sports equipment for a further extra waste of money. It would not be strange if these things bully you do not want to go to exercise. Which from the information on the website says that if anyone doesn’t like exercising but wants to stay healthy, try jumping. Because jumping is an exercise that does not cost anything. But it can make your physical health stronger than other methods of exercise if anyone wants to know why. Try to read it.

5 good reasons jumping makes us stronger

1. It is an exercise in all parts of the body like swimming that requires strength, legs and arms to move.

2.It stimulates the heart rate, causing the air to pump and flow to the body normally.

3. Strengthening the bone, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Helps reduce belly, because while jumping, we can control the inward-outward breath to tighten the abdomen. Also, jumping burns twice as many calories as walking.

5. It is a complete muscle exercise. Especially the muscles in the upper arm Chest muscles And back muscles Therefore, we can have a beautiful firmware, not difficult at all.

6. It is a service for the body that distracts less joints than running. And more fun too

Jumping can also help clear our minds

Jumping helps stimulate our senses and our perception more quickly. Because the body and the brain have to work in relation to each other while jumping It is also a way to entertain yourself. Until you have fun with it that you have to smile like you have let out your childhood again.

4 sample jumping moves that are worth trying

Anyone who wants to try jumping exercises, then we have 4 ideas for jumping exercises. And if you want to use a device to improve your fitness, such as a dumbbell or a skipping rope, you can adjust it to suit your posture as you please.

1. Skip Jump or alternating leg jump is a jump by stepping one leg forward. The other leg behind

2. Jog Jump or Jog Jump is standing with legs together. And jumps around in place

3. Hop jump or jump over this pose can be done in 2 ways: jumping over with one leg going forward. And another port is Double-legged jumping

4. Jump like a jack jump or clap your hands. This is a popular exercise for children before starting to learn PE. We can try imitating his children as well. By standing with arms outstretched And stand together with legs Then jump and spread legs together with both arms lifted together

Save your body well Jumping will be more fun

Before every jump You should warm up your body for at least 5 minutes. You will warm up with a general stretching arm and leg stretch. Or warm up with jumping drills, however, exercise in this way there are no rules like any other exercise. I just want to know the limitations of the body. As for the duration of the jump that should be long. Depends on how good our body is Another thing to keep in mind is Always wear sports shoes every time you jump. And choose to jump on the road with a smooth surface only This is to reduce muscle injury. And is to prevent tripping and falling that can cause the ankle sprain

The body is not ready, do not jump.

For people with health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis, obesity or respiratory patients. And circulatory system It is recommended that you exercise your body by walking rather than jumping. Because jumping encourages the blood to pump Fast heartbeat May cause tiredness, shortness of breath, shock and easy fainting.

Did you see that Jumping is very useful, so anyone who complains that you don’t have time to exercise will probably have no excuse. Because just jumping in place, just 10 times a day, at least 3 days a week, is considered a stronger exercise. The most important thing is that you can do it anytime and anywhere without having to carry any complicated equipment. Know this and try it!

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