Hungry after exercise What to eat that is not fat? Plus restore power!

If every time you exercise and you feel hungry Did not have to endure hunger for each other Because we have food that should be eaten after exercising. And of course, the dot-com gearbox is recommended all the time It must be food that is eaten after exercise and is good for hunger. Good to burn And good for reclaiming power, get 3 onwards!

1. Water

This water is the best. Because in addition to being seriously cholesterol-free Water can also help replace the water loss in the body during exercise. Therefore, after exercising, you should sit and rest for 30 minutes, and then slowly sip about 500 milliliters of water to maintain the balance of various substances in the body.

2. Milk Chocolate

Jim White, expert and director of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, said: After exercising, choose low-fat milk to restore vitality. It is also possible to strengthen the muscles another way. Consistent with the research that states Drinking low-fat chocolate milk will help your body recover from fatigue, exhaustion, and refresh your muscles better than regular sports drinks.

3. 1-2 slices of whole wheat bread

One slice of whole wheat bread provides about 70 kcal of energy, which is great to eat after 30 minutes or more after exercising. Your body will need at least 50 grams of carbohydrate energy (about two scoops of brown rice) in order to repair muscles that have recently been used during exercise. So if you have to choose to eat carbs Pure wheat bread is perfect.


One small banana contains carbohydrates, protein and vitamin C, which are the main vitamins in the body’s energy production process. After eating, it will instantly refresh your body. In addition, the fiber in bananas will also help us feel full on the stomach. Plus, the tryptophan in bananas also helps you sleep better.

5. orange

Oranges are juicy fruits that give a refreshing taste to the body as soon as they swallow it. More importantly, oranges are also a fruit that is packed with vitamin C, a great help to restore energy. And seeing this, you may not know that oranges also have light carbohydrates, so after exercising, eating a certain orange would be something that is really right.

6. Almond

A study from the University of California found that Almonds are a low-calorie snack that stably help suppress your body’s craving for starches after a workout. Especially if eating almonds that have been soaked in water for one night, which will cause the almonds to release lipase enzyme (Lipase), this enzyme will help the digestion of various bad fats in The body is more efficient And helps the body to extract protein from almonds to use better as well

However, they should limit the amount of almonds to a maximum of 14 tablets at a time because in this amount. Almonds are 98 kcal.

7. Lean Pork Tenderloin

Scientists from McMaster University in Canada found that Eating low-calorie protein And exercise regularly Will help burn the waist fat down So who needs body fat after exercise? Recommended to choose the pork tenderloin pieces the size of the palm. Bake or roast until cooked. (No need to marinate the meat) and eat it after exercise for about 30 minutes.

8. Boiled Chicken Breast

Eating a high-protein diet after 30 minutes of exercise can easily build muscle strength, plus this chicken breast protein can help replenish the used muscle mass. When we exercise as well.

9. Greek yogurt

If asked what high protein foods are One of the answers is undoubtedly Greek yogurt. A study by the Nutrition Journal found that volunteers who ate Greek yogurt for 12 consecutive weeks were twice as likely to lose their gross body fat than those who didn’t eat Greek yogurt. Obviously Greek yogurt is not just good and high in protein. It can only help build muscle for us. But also contributes to reducing fat Give the muscles that we play We keep exercising more clearly.

10.Steamed pumpkin

A study from Arizona State University found that one cup of pumpkin contains 30% of the daily amount of vitamin C. Which vitamin C is an important vitamin for building muscles and strengthening blood vessels Both pumpkins are also relatively high in fiber. It helps in losing weight another way. So what are you waiting for? After exercising, eat 1 steamed pumpkin.

Oh! But in addition to the food that should be eaten after exercising according to this We also have a list of foods that should be avoided after exercising. If you don’t want to get tired of exercising for free, don’t eat the following foods.

1. Fresh vegetables

Many people are wondering why foods are rich in nutrients. Plus, it is not obese like fresh vegetables – fruits, so it is not suitable to eat after a lot of exercise. That is because the energy from vegetables is not enough. That will help you recover after fatigue.

2. Fast food

All fast food items, whether fries, hamburgers, or hot dogs, are all things you should never touch after a vigorous workout. Because even if the stomach is full But the extreme amount of oil will cause the fat to go high. It is also difficult to digest as well. So you should avoid them. Otherwise, the past exercise would have been in vain.

3. Salty snacks

Understand that snacks such as salty potato chips. It is a favorite for many people, however. This is not the ideal food to eat after exercising. Because it will break the balance between salt and water Including reducing the amount of potassium in the body And at the peak more than that, it may cause us to swell up easily

4. Different types of nectar

No matter how much you want to drink sweet water to cure your thirst Must hold the heart firmly Because of the sugar content in these drinks It’s tall enough to make the previous workout meaningless right away.

5. Sweets

The sweet-looking desserts are not that different from sweet drinks because of the amount of sugar in them. It replaces the fat you burn after exercising. Until it seems like nothing happened After eating like this, there will be no way to get skinny.

6.Energy food bars

Many people misunderstand that these food bars are good to eat after exercise. Because they saw the athletes eating each other as if they were playing In fact Athletes eat before exercise separately. This is because it provides enough energy for heavy sports such as lifting weights and when you are not exerting yourself that much. Tell me one word, don’t be better.


When you intend to exercise to remove excess fat. Should not eat foods that are rich in saturated fat like cheese again Otherwise, instead of losing weight by breaking down fat. Will become free to add extra fat to your body

We know all the foods that should be eaten after exercising. And foods that should be avoided if you don’t want to give yourself a tiring, excruciating workout Therefore, it will be applied Go and choose to eat to feel comfortable.

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