Running to lose weight must pay attention If you don’t want to hurt your knee Don’t put your heels down completely.

Running to lose weight Don’t think you can run anyway, just feel the burn. Because if running in the wrong position Put the heel down to focus on the knee pain.

Running is a very good exercise. So you can see people coming back, running, losing weight, or jogging again. But no matter what purpose run What should be considered as much as possible. Running posture If you don’t want to hurt your knee Tell me it’s better not to run all your heels down.

Human running posture is usually divided into two types: heel strike running to use the heel as a point to transfer force to the ground. Followed by the foot to touch the ground to help cushion the impact. Then use the tip of the foot to send strength to run forward The other port is Run down toes (Forefoot Strike running) .This position will focus your toes transferring force onto the ground. Followed by the heels touching the ground all. And then exerted his force forward with his feet Which must be considered Toes will save up to four times stronger than heel sprints.

While sports researchers from Finland studied a group of 19 heeled and toe runners, they found that those who ran with a heel weight were more likely to have knee injuries than those running. Put your weight on your feet But groups that put more stress on the toes may also have a greater chance of an ankle and hamstring injury than those who put more weight on their heels. Which from the above result The researchers therefore recommend that people with knee pain practice running with more weight on their toes. For people with joint pain, put more weight on their heels.

However, for people new to jogging Or have been running for a long time but are unsure if the posture you are doing is correct or not We have data from Prof. Yuttana Udomporn, Health Promotion, Sport and Recreation Unit. Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Come to guide the correct running posture

Correct running posture

* For good knee and ankle health The heel should touch the ground before the entire soles of the foot come down. And when the tip of the foot rolls down to touch the ground The heel will open up. The tip of the foot is similar to the soil Pedaling like a spring, bouncing up and moving forward The point where your feet touch the ground should be with your knees, where your knees should be slightly bent, and your feet should be touching the floor after stretching forward.

* Should run with the back as straight and natural as possible, the head is straight, in a straight line in front of the head, shoulders and hips, to the floor in a straight line. The body does not lean forward or lean back.

* Arm movements help cadence and balance in running. While running, your arms should swing back and forth like a clock pendulum along the front-back. Try not to let your elbow bend in more than 90 degrees too. The head of the thumb rests on the index finger comfortably, loosely grabs the finger, the wrist is not tense Sometimes the arms may be straight down. Or shake the arm to relax the muscles After raising the arms for a long time

* Breathing should be done through the nose and exhaled at the same time both through the nose and mouth. Breathing should be comfortable and try to breathe on the stomach. By inhaling into the lungs until the stomach expands and forces the air out by stretching the stomach Because breathing incorrectly may cause colic while running.

However, you must first understand that Even a correct running posture is recommended that your heels touch the ground first. But not that it would allow us to shift our weight down to the feet in an accentuated way. It is just a posture of the feet in a way that will help reduce the impact only. Because when the heels touch the ground The entire sole of the foot must be immediately followed down, in order to cushion the impact between the weight of the body and the ground. Before the knee had problems leading to the mission of running, losing weight, crashing out of position Plus having bad knee health with you

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