A 5-day workout, girls can do a ton of routine, can fit the whole body!

A woman who wants to play the game, but doesn’t know where to start with. Do not give up just to find something delicious to eat to fix it. Because today, Pigbox.com would like to please young women who want to play weight training with a 5-day workout routine.

The program plays 5 days a week this game will play in parts and have a day off for 1 day like Monday, playing on the legs and calf. Tuesday focuses on strengthening the chest, shoulder and triceps muscles. Wednesday give yourself a break, or anyone who is fit and needs cardio. As for Thursday, doing back muscles Biceps muscle And abdominal muscles To finish off with Friday, the leg, butt and calves are back again.

In this regard, the trick for playing wetsuit to be effective is Should continue to pretend to play wetsuit Try not to stumble and should only rest for 30-45 seconds. In order to prepare for the next wave of play, Oh! And for the safety of your muscles, you should warm up by walking on the treadmill or jogging for 5 minutes before every workout.

Okay … If your body is ready, let’s start playing the game.

Monday Wet Pier (Focus on legs and calves)

1.Barbell squat

– Place the barbell beam on the shoulder Stand with your feet about 4 inches apart, your face looking straight.

– Slowly lower your body into a squat position, inhale and try to keep your back upright as the starting position.

– Try to lower your bottom as much as you can. With a deep breath and slowly stretching back to the original position, count to 1 lift, rest 30-45 seconds, then start lifting by doing a total of 5 sets of 12 rounds.

2. Squat dumbbells

– Stand straight, with legs spread as far as the shoulders. Extend the hand holding the dumbbell forward.

– Slowly crouch down into a squat position With the arms still straight Hold the position for 20 seconds and then stretch back to the starting position, count as 1 lift, do 15 rounds for 1 set, and complete 4 sets.

3. Walking lunges

– Stand straight with both dumbbells on your hand. Arms close to the body. Take a deep breath as a preparation position.

– One step forward In a way perpendicular to the ground The other leg is also perpendicular to the ground. The arms are still straight on the sides.

– Gradually stretch back to the preparation position count as 1 lift, do a total of 15 lifts per 1 set, complete 4 sets, then switch to do the other leg for 4 sets as well.

4.Glutes Kickback

– Begin by doing plank pose By placing the elbow on the shoulder Legs placed perpendicular to the floor The toes are straightened to the back.

– Lift your left leg off the ground. Bend the left knee perpendicularly. With the toes pointing to the back Slightly contracting your hips And then return to the original position, counted as 1 lift, repeat 20 lifts per 1 set until complete 4 sets

Tuesday (Focus on pectoral, shoulder and triceps muscles)

1. Pushups

– Lie down on the floor Both hands are placed between the shoulder blades. Then push your upper body up and look straight ahead. Take a deep breath

– Slowly lower the upper body all the way down. With exhalation And try to tighten the body so that the chest is about 1 palm off the floor, then push the body up to the end of the arm again count to 1 lift, do a total of 10 lifts per 1 set, until the end of 3 sets

2. Shoulder Press

– Stand straight, spread legs as wide as the shoulders. Hold the right sized dumbbells on both sides. Put your hands above your head Ready to take a breath Move your arms so that the ends of the dumbbells touch each other.

– Squat your arms to shoulder level. The elbow at an angle perpendicular to the ground. Hold the position and breathe out. Then lift the arms back to the starting position, count as 1 lift, do 12 lifts per 1 set, complete 3 sets

3. Triceps Curl

– Lean down and place one knee on the exercise bench. While placing one hand on the bench to support himself

– The other hand holds a properly sized dumbbell. By lifting the dumbbell so that the elbow is at an angle perpendicular to the floor

– Raise the dumbbell to the back. By keeping the arms straight at shoulder level, repeat 4 sets of 12 times per set.

4. One Arm Dumbbell Row

– Lean down and place one knee on the exercise bench. While placing one hand on the bench to support himself

– The other hand holds a dumbbell in the right size, on the side of the body, arms straight.

– Raise the dumbbell with the elbow at a 45-degree angle, then switch to the other side. Do 3 sets of each side, 15 rounds per set.

Wednesday, take a break

Or anyone who wants to lose weight Roll the fat out of your body quickly, and you can also do cardio exercises. Which can cardio according to this

Thursday evening play (Playing back muscles Biceps muscle And abdominal muscles)

1.Bicycle Crunch

– Lie on your back on the floor Coordinate both hands behind the occiput. Lift your heels off the floor about 1 step and strain your abdomen.

– Twist so that the right elbow touches the left knee. While twisting, lift the left knee as well Hold the position for 1-2 seconds.

– Loosen the alternating position by raising the left knee to the right knee, repeating 3 sets of 15 times per set.


2.Dumbbells lateral raise

– Lean forward keeping your back level parallel to the floor. Both hands hold dumbbells straight down to the floor.

– Lift your arms slowly higher than your shoulders, then slowly take them down to count as 1 time.This pose should be done 15 times per set, doing 4 sets.


3. Single Leg Raise

– Lie on your back with knees bent and feet are attached to the floor. Along with placing both arms attached to the body Palms attached to the ground

– Lift the left leg up and straighten. Toes pointing up While lifting the body off the ground as well Hold the position for about 10 seconds, then slowly lower back to the starting position.

– Switch to do 4 sets per side, 15 times per set.


4.Dumbbell Biceps Curl

– Stand up straight, spread your legs as far as your shoulders. In the hand, hold a suitable sized dumbbell in front of the leg. With hands in the upward position Slightly bend the elbows

– Exhale and exercise about 135 degrees of lifting the dumbbells (dumbbells on the chest), tense the arms, do not let the dumbbells or wrists touch the upper arm count as 1 lift, do 12 rounds to 1. Set until complete 3 sets

Friday wetsuit (focus on legs, buttocks and calves)


1. Smith Machine Squat

– Adjust the barbell to fit your shoulders and stand at the center of the player. Set your legs apart to fit your shoulders and keep your back perpendicular to the floor. Take a deep breath

– when in a ready position The barbell is placed on your back, slowly lowering your body until your legs are parallel to the floor.

– Slowly stretch up by using the front of the leg to exert pressure on the barbell. By trying to keep the back torso always perpendicular to the ground And stretch to return to the preparation position count as 1 lift, do a total of 15 lifts per 1 set and continue to complete 4 sets

2. Hip raises

– Lie on your back, back on the floor, knees up, arms close to your body.

– Slowly raise your hips so that your butt is 1-2 strides off the floor and hold for 10 seconds

– Slowly release breath and return to the starting position, do a total of 3 sets of 20 times per set.

3.Dumbbell step-ups

– Stand straight, facing the stairs Ground level Or a small chair with two hands holding a dumbbell or water bottle fit in hand

– Step right foot up to place on top The left foot is on the ground. Then tiptoe up along the right foot. Then put the left foot down

– Repeat 15-20 times per side, for a total of 3 sets.

4. Skater Lunge

– Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell or a water bottle that fits in your hand.

– Step left foot, cross back and lower your body to the end. But don’t let your knees touch the ground And the arms are still straight on the sides

– Stretching up, repeat a total of 3 sets of 15 times.

Which girls want to play the game? Build abdominal muscles Get more fit and strong. Do not be slow. Let’s go with the 5-day game program like this.

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