8 exercises Sculpting the shoulder muscles to be beautiful and sexy.

For women who are looking for a wet workout that will help sculpt the shoulder muscles perfectly, looking totally attractive and totally charming. Today, gearbox dot com, there is a posture to strengthen the shoulder muscles to try. With us including the front shoulder exercises And the way to play biceps After that, prepare three to five pound dumbbells, a mind yoga mat, and let’s go!

1. Mix Shoulder Exercise

Including 10 exercises for the shoulders, neck and collarbone in 10 minutes, do it every day, guarantee that beautiful shoulders, clear clavicle, and also help relax the muscles of the shoulders and scapula as well. Don’t believe it, come try it.


How to train

– Practice 10 exercises, do each exercise 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds, complete all 10 exercises, totaling 1 set.

Position 1 Shoulder Shrug – Stand at the feet at the waist and raise both shoulders at the same time.

Exercise 2 Chest Fly – Raise your arms at a 90-degree angle to the ground, keeping your arms close together. Then spread your arms to always cover your shoulders. And return to its original position

Exercise 3 Triangle Fly – Both hands touch the head. Lift your arms at a 90-degree angle to the ground so your elbow is extended forward. Then moved his arms towards him Keep your arms moving out of the way, shoulders, and repeat for 45 seconds.

Position 4 Head Tilt – Reach out to the other side of the head. Then braced towards the arm And return to the starting position

Exercise 5 Arm Circle – Touch both arms on the shoulder blades. Then roll your shoulders toward you and roll out.

Exercise 6 Bicep Stretch – Stretch your arms straight, then brace them with your other arm and pull it toward you. Switch sides, do it for 45 seconds.

Exercise 7 Back Stretch – Sit on your knees. With his hands crossed together on his back Then stretch his arms taut Lower your body forward and relax and repeat the pose for 45 seconds.

Exercise 8 Prayer Reach – Put your hands together and extend your arms over your head. Raise your arms straight out Then relax

Position 9 Back Squeeze – Stand at the waist and move your arms back to relax.

Exercise 10: Side Drop – Stretch your arms over your head. Both hands touch each other. Pull one arm down to the elbow, equal to the shoulder. Then stretch back to its original position Then switch to do the other side for 45 seconds.

2. Shoulder Press

This exercise will focus on working your shoulders, chest, and triceps at the same time.

How to train

– Stand straight, spread legs as wide as the shoulders. Hold the right sized dumbbells on both sides.

– Raise your hand above your head Ready to take a breath Move your arms so that the ends of the dumbbell are as close as possible.

– Squat your arms to shoulder level. The elbow at an angle perpendicular to the ground. Hold the position and breathe out. Then lift the arms back to the starting position, count as 1 lift, do 12 lifts per 1 set, complete 3 sets

3.Dumbbells lateral raise

Who wants biceps and back muscles? Including the abdomen as well, arrange this position

How to train

– Stand with legs spread as far as the shoulders. Both hands hold dumbbells straight against the body.

– Lift your arms slowly higher than your shoulders, then slowly take them down to count as 1 time.This pose should be done 15 times per set, doing 4 sets.

4. Front Raise

A shoulder workout that is easy to do but has toned shoulders. Without fat

How to train

– Stand with legs spread as far as the shoulders. Hold the dumbbell firmly in your hand.

– Slowly raise the dumbbell up to the shoulder size in the palm of your hand. Arms parallel to the shoulders in a straight line

– Lower the dumbbell level. Then switch the other side Do a total of 15 times per side.

Make The Time To Exercise

5.Arm extension with lunge

For those who think that other positions will not cause stiffness in the shoulder and arm muscles Think again with this pose.

How to train

– Stand straight, legs slightly apart. Hip width Hand holding a dumbbell on one hand Left hand, foot, waist

– Raise your left knee perpendicularly and step your right leg back. And bend the right knee slightly

– Both hands hold a dumbbell with the left side place the dumbbell in front of the leg. The right hand holds a dumbbell on the hip.

– Swing the right dumbbell backward without moving your upper arm.

– Hold the position for 2 seconds and then pull the arm back, do 15 times on each side.

6. Dumbbell Triceps Extension

The name clearly indicates that the triceps muscles. Including the upper arms, the back, to the shoulders

How to train

– Stand with legs spread as far as the shoulders. With both hands holding a 5 pound dumbbell, move your hands until the dumbbells are aligned.

– Lift the dumbbell over the head to the back. Try to contract your arms and bring the dumbbells as close to your back as possible.

– Hold the position for a while Then return to the starting position

– Do 15 times per 1 set, at least 2 sets or more

7. Side Plank

If you don’t want to use But I want to have a firm shoulder Tha Phae Long can help.

How to train

– Lie on your left side, lean your arms and elbows up with your hips still on the floor.

– Slowly raise the hips, then straighten the right arm straight up.

– Keep your neck, torso and hips in the same plane and hold for 30-60 seconds, loosen and switch sides.

8. Walking Plank

Another level of planking that will challenge and cure boredom. Must be this position

How to train

– Lie on your stomach with your elbows up perpendicular. Straighten your feet Or you can put your knees down.

– Raises the torso in the plank

– Slowly walk with arms moving left-right. With the legs still at the same place

– When moving back to normal plank Lower the body into a push-up position 1 count as 1 time.

– Do a total of 15-20 times.

Let’s play shoulder muscle wetsuit every day. And the results will be amazing until you have to say Wow girls

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