How to reduce your arms Finish it up at the upper arm.

It is believed that there will be many girls who lack the confidence in wearing clothes that have to show their upper arms. Because under the arm is biased that makes the arm look bigger and not tighten If on any day you have to wear a sleeveless shirt, you are afraid that the bias will ripple in the eyes of those who have seen it. But when turning to exercise for a long time Even though I got the upper arm firmware, it’s true, but the arm is still not firmware. Don’t get discouraged. Let’s try to see how to reduce the underarms that we pick up better. I can guarantee that if done regularly The upper arm will be firmly fit, the upper arm will be biased, it will disappear as if it is satisfying!

1. Double-Arm Overhead Extension

Let’s start with the first exercise that requires some equipment to exercise: 2-3 kg of dumbbells, depending on your arm strength. This will stretch the muscles and help break down the fat under the arm.

How to train

1. Lift the dumbbells with both hands all the way up to the forearms. With the sides of the stomach attached to both ears
2. Slowly lower the dumbbell towards the back of your head until you feel the dumbbell touch the back of the neck.
3. Repeat 10 times for 3 sets.

2. Kickback

This is another arm lowering position that requires a dumbbell as an equipment. This pose not only helps to reduce your stomach and arms, it can also help strengthen the muscles in your upper arm.

How to train

1. Sit on the floor. Lift one knee Then place the elbow on the knee up-down and the front of the same leg The other hand is holding a dumbbell. Bend the arms at a right angle so that the sides of the stomach are close to the body.
2. Gently swing your hands back with your upper arms still attached to your body. Until the arms are stretched straight back
3. Bend your arms back to their original position.
4. Repeat 20 times, then change the arms.

3. Triceps Dips

The triceps dips are exercises that can be performed anywhere, whether outdoors or indoors. It is a position that is similar to push ups. Can help strengthen the muscles of the arm. It can also help reduce fat under the arms. But this position is not suitable for people with shoulder problems such as slipped shoulders.

How to train

1. Sit down on the edge of the bench. Then use both hands to hold the edge of the bench beside the body Turn the fingertips in the same direction as the feet.
2. Set your feet firmly and slowly slide your butt off the edge of the bench until your butt is parallel to the floor and your arms are straight.
3. Bend your knees and lower yourself as low as possible with your hands still on the edge of the bench.
4. Lift up and return to the original position.
5. Repeat 15 times for all 4 sets.

A female fitness instructor demonstrates the finishing position of the tricep bench dips

4. Triceps Push up

It is a push-up posture that mainly focuses on exercising on the upper arm, especially the abdomen. But the difference is that the triceps push-up can place your knees on the floor. And have to put your hands close together Unlike normal pushups that have to be extended elbows

How to train

1. Begin with a regular push-up. But keep your knees on the floor Toe touches the ground
2. Move both hands together With two hands close to each other in the middle of the chest
3. Press the body down to his hand, then lift yourself back to the original position.
4. Repeat 15 times for 3 sets.

5. Forearm Plank

Finish off with a plank pose that works well and helps strengthen most of the muscles in the body. As well as help reduce fat under the arms as well Anyone who wants to work out in many parts at the same time. Forearm plank is a posture that should not be missed.

How to train

1. Start with a normal plank. By lying on his toes on the floor and slowly leaning up off the floor By letting the arms and elbows down to help support the body weight Then leave the weight on the toes and the arms tense upright
2.Hold this position for 20 seconds, then loosen it, rest 30 seconds and start over.
3. Repeat for 3 sets.

Okay, enough to be able to follow each other, right? Khun ladies, don’t wait any longer. Let’s lower the arm’s stomach. In order to have the confidence in wearing clothes that show off the arms that are fit and look even more attractive

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