10 ways to exercise your back muscles with a barbell

When it comes to equipment that is essential to building muscle, of course, a barbell is an essential piece of equipment, just like any other important equipment that can be used to work out many parts of your muscles. Not even the back muscles that many young people might ignore. By today we have compiled a way to exercise the muscles of the back with a barbell. Let’s recommend you to take it back to practice as well.

1.Barbell Deadlift

Begin by leaning down to hold the barbell. While keeping your hands as wide as your shoulders and arms stretched straight The feet are placed slightly apart. When ready, lift yourself up until the barbell comes over your knees. Then lean down to return to the preparation position.

2.Reverse Grip Bent-Over Row

Prepare for this exercise by standing up straight and holding the barbell. With palms facing outward Hold it wide enough. Then bend the knees Lean forward and slowly pull the barbell in and out in a rhythm. Which while pulling up the barbell Hold it for 1-2 seconds as well.

3.T-Bar Row

The T-Bar Row is great for strengthening your back muscles. Start by placing the barbell under the crotch. Ready to use both hands to hold the barbell Lean forward and lift the barbell up and down in a rhythm.

4. Pendlay Row

In practice, Pendlay Row is a position that focuses on building the muscles in the back to keep fit. Begin training by bending forward and holding the barbell with your arms shoulder-width apart. Then slowly pull the barbell toward your body.

5. Meadows Row

This exercise is somewhat similar to the T-Bar Row, but goes from standing astride the barbell to standing in front of the barbell. Then use the left hand to hold the end of the barbell With a slight bow forward Then exert the arms to pull the barbell up-down

6. Chest Supported Barbell Row

Start by lying on a bench with both hands holding the barbell far enough apart. Then, pull the barbell up until it touches the bench and let it go. Just as this will help strengthen the middle back muscles and then.

7.One-Arm Long Bar Row

Stand facing the barbell. Bend your knees and lean forward slightly. Hold the barbell with your left hand. Then, arm force to pull the barbell up and down as possible. Then switch sides This position will focus on building your back muscles to be fit and firm.

8. Barbell Good Morning

The Barbell Good Morning pose can strengthen the lower back muscles to be strong. Started by holding the barbell over your shoulder. Place your hands to shoulder width. The feet are placed slightly apart. When ready, move your hips back. While bowing forward until chest level is parallel to the floor Then return to the starting position.

9. Yates Row

Begin practicing Yates Row by leaning forward and holding the barbell. Keep your hands moderately wide. With the barbell slightly above the knee Then pull the bar up to your abdomen and lower it in a rhythm.

10.Hang clean

Start by holding the barbell at the front of your legs with your hands as wide as your shoulders. Then, lower your body with the barbell to rest on your shoulders and turn your wrists up in the same rhythm. Next, get up and lower the barbell to the starting position.

How are you doing with these 10 barbell exercises that focus on building your back muscles to keep fit and firm? Not too difficult, right? Eaaepenwea who wants to have strong back muscles Can be brought to practice together

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