How to get your muscles to grow faster with the superset exercises

We understand that some of the boys who are diligent in weight training workouts have the goal of getting strong muscles. Look at the firmware of all proportions. But even so The duration of the growth of each muscle is different. Part of it comes from exercise and diet. Some people who want their muscles to grow faster may discourage their own development as well. After all, the gearbox dot com introduced a bodybuilding technique that helps the muscles grow faster as well. This will be a superset exercise or practice 2 exercises continuously without rest. But to rest after completing each set for about 2 minutes, then start practicing a new set.

1. Practice Explosive Deadlift, followed by Box Jump.

Start practicing Explosive Deadlift by standing, leaning, holding the barbell. Then pull the barbell up – down in the Deadlift by pulling up quickly and slowly down until a total of 12 times, which not only strengthens the lower back muscles but also strengthens the lower back. But also helps the hamstring muscles move better Then continue practicing Box Jump by jumping up and down on the same number of boxes. Which this position helps to build more muscle fibers Should practice a total of 6 sets

2.Perform Weighted Chin Up, then Barbell Bent Over Row.

The Weighted Chin Up exercise followed by the Barbell Bent Over Row is a form of exercise that helps focus on your back muscles. Starting from the preparation of the posture in the hung bar With both feet, clamp a dumbbell that is 5-10 kg in weight and pull it up until your shoulder or chest touches your thumb. Next, practice Barbell Bent Over Row by standing forward and leaning on the barbell. Then exert a force to pull the barbell toward the body and relax into a rhythmic rhythm should be performed 8-12 times per posture for a total of 4 sets

3. Strengthen the upper muscles with the Military Press and the Weighted Dip.

For training with Military Press and Weighted Dip at one time, it will help strengthen different muscles to get fit and firm, such as chest, shoulder, and triceps, starting with the barbell up to the end of the arm. Pull the barbell down and push up slowly for 8-12 times, then practice Dip by standing facing into the exercise machine. The hand held the handle. Then push up and down in the same number of strokes until complete 4 sets.

However, superset exercise and eating healthy food may not be enough. Suggest that doing both is a habit. Including full rest It will help the muscles grow as quickly as you want.

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