7 exercises to lose fat For a sexy fit back

A sexy, fit and firm back is the dream of many women who enjoy exercising, but many of you girls don’t know how to exercise your back muscles. Today, gearbox dot com brings you easy exercise moves to burn fat on your back. And tighten the back to fit perfectly Any woman who wants to have a healthy body. Don’t forget to get fit on your back with this pose.

1.Lateral Raise

This is one of the great weight training moves that can give you a great workout in your back muscles. The intensity of this exercise will depend on the dumbbell used. The heavier the weight, the greater the need for exertion.

How to train

1. Stand straight, back straight, with both hands holding dumbbells. Bend your knees slightly, both feet slightly apart.
2. Stretch your arms straight, slowly lifting both dumbbells to the sides of your body until your hands are slightly above your shoulders.
3. Return to the same position, repeat 10-15 times, for a total of 3 sets.

2. Wall Angel

Wall angel exercises are exercises that specifically train the muscles in the back. For people who want to reduce fat around their back This pose is a very effective move. If you want to add a challenge to this exercise, you can put a weighted wristband on your wrist to give your back muscles more strength.

How to train

1. Stand straight away from the wall.
2. Gently lean against the wall so that your head, hips and back are attached to the wall.
3. Lift your arms to the sides. Bend your elbows parallel to the floor. Arms close to the wall
4. Move both arms up and down. By keeping the arms close to the wall
5. Tilt to the left and right. With the arms and body close to the wall
6. Repeat 10-15 times for a total of 3 sets.

3.Dumbbell Row

For people who want to burn fat on their back and tighten their upper arms. With this exercise training, you can do both of these exercises at the same time: your sexy back and your arms are fit and firm.

How to train

1. Stand with your side facing the bench. The hand that is not near the bench is holding a dumbbell.
2. Lift the side of the knee near the bench and put it on the bench. And his feet, his hands, landed on the bench Bow down slightly
3. Straighten the arm that is holding the dumbbell and slowly raise the dumbbell up until the elbow is perpendicular to the floor.
4. Stretch your arms straight back to the same position. Repeat 10-15 times for a total of 3 sets.

4. Push Ups

This basic exercise. It will help train the strength of the muscles in many parts, whether it is the muscles of the front of the thigh. All abdominal muscles More importantly, it also helps to strengthen the back muscles. Burn the fat to fall apart

How to train

1.Kneel on the floor, place both hands in front of you. Then bowed his head down
2. Lift your knees above the floor. Leaving weight on your hands and feet
3. Reduce yourself as much as possible. But do not let your body touch the ground Then lifted himself up
4. Repeat 10-15 times for a total of 3 sets.

5. Superman

The Superman pose is a posture that helps train balance. And helps strengthen the strength of the back muscles It looks like a yoga pose, a grasshopper pose.

How to train

1. Begin with an upside down position Stretch your arms straight above your head. Both arms are attached to the ears. Toe touches the ground
2. Tense the neck and head slightly and slowly raise the arms and legs as much as possible. Keep the body in a slightly curved way
3.Hold this position for 20 seconds and then release it for 3 sets.

6. Tha Chom Klom (Boxing Punches)

The circular pose is a simple exercise that can strengthen the muscles in the shoulders, arms and back. It can also help reduce fat deposits around the back and under the arms.

How to train

1. Stand straight on your feet about shoulder width apart.
2. Raise your hands, fist your hands on both sides.
3.Fight forward until the end of the forearm, alternate 10-15 times, total 3 sets

7. Triceps dips

To top it off, this triceps dip will not only help burn fat around your back, but it will also help strengthen the muscles of your outer arms. In which this position, just having only one chair, can be practiced

How to train

1. Sit on a chair or bench with arms attached to the body with two hands on the edge of the chair.
2. Move yourself to sit on the edge of the chair. With the knees perpendicular to the floor
3. Move your butt out of the chair. Put your weight on your hands and legs, slowly lowering your body to the end Without letting your hands go out of the chair
4.Lift yourself up, return to the same position, start over, repeat 10-15 times for 3 sets.

Got the posture to get fit and firm on the back Do not forget to try to follow it. For the back that looks biased so that it will return to look sexy and healthy woman And do not forget to do it in conjunction with other exercise, including diet. Will have a proportion that is slim and slender satisfying

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