5 tips for exercising your legs muscles For people who want to have a leggy leg


Believe that many young people who regularly attend the gym You might wonder why your leg muscles are not as strong as everyone else. Even though he intends to exercise all the time Today we have put together some great tips for exercising strong leg muscles.

1.Exercise with squat every day

Squat is a basic exercise for strengthening the lower muscles. Whether it is hips, thighs, calves, lower back And hamstring You may start a normal squat, then add to the challenge of your muscles by doing other squats and using accessories to help you with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

2.Practice lunge poses for 10 minutes a day.

As the lunge exercises strengthen your lower muscles, just like the squat, do it for 10 minutes a day with no rest. But if you have just started exercising for a short time Then make as much as possible Then extend the time to 20-30 minutes and use a dumbbell or barbell as well. It also helps to burn fat as well.

3. Use deadlift at least once a week.

The deadlift is not the right position for everyone. Especially those who have recently exercised for a long time Because the body may not be strong enough to carry heavy barbells, which can injure different muscles, this can be started with the barbell without the weight plates. Then add more and more weight according to your own suit. It will help strengthen many muscles at once, including legs, hips, arms, and the middle and lower back.

4.Use a 5-10-20 exercise formula

The 5-10-20 formula workouts are the first 5 sets, the next 10 sets, and the last set 20 times. Increasing the number of repetitions like this will help build muscle mass and strengthen the body. Well When used to exercise the leg muscles. It will help exercise more and more efficiency.

5. Pay attention to the hip muscles.

Some people may not yet know that strengthening the hip muscles is very helpful for strengthening the leg muscles. It also helps to tighten the hips and thighs. Which exercises that focus on the hip muscles It uses more energy than other exercises, it will result in the body to burn excess fat as well.

Having learned this, any friend who wants to have tight leg muscles Try to bring the tips above that we bring to apply it to their own exercise.

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