“Abstain from flour – compress protein”, a myth To lose weight

Many people lose weight by abstaining from rice. And eat only meat There may be a whey protein supplement as well. But beware of the risk “Protein leaks in the urine” and may be at risk of chronic kidney disease.

Many people’s weight loss recipes start from the starch. And eating more protein to stay pregnant And strengthens the muscles For those who exercise in conjunction with control Although this method sounds correct. And should not cause any harm to the body, but in some people who use extreme methods too. Including taking a weight loss course from people who are not dietitians Or a real dietitian Can have a dangerous effect on the body

Hyper proteinuria

Eating more protein than the body needs This can come from eating meat, dairy, whey protein, and other foods. Risk of having too much protein As a result, the liver and kidneys have to work harder to remove excess protein from the body. May be at risk of acidosis The liver and kidneys deteriorate faster than before. And will not begin to excrete the excess protein from the body Protein may be returned to the colon. And was converted into ammonia by bacteria. And is absorbed into the bloodstream Can cause depression, seizures, unconscious dementia, or liver / kidney deterioration / yellowing eyes or jaundice

There is also a risk of protein leakage in the urine. Signs of nephritis Can lead to kidney failure in the future as well

The right amount of protein for the body

If wanting to diet for weight loss You should also limit the food you eat to 5 groups per meal, not eat too much of any one nutrient. Divide the portion of a meal into 30% protein, 20% carbohydrates, 20% mineral salts, 20% vitamins and 10% (good) fats. Simply put, focus on the least protein and fat. But still have to eat in conjunction with other food So that the body receives complete nutrients as well

The right amount of protein And safe for long-term health, what did Facebook page yesterday eat? A rough calculation is recommended to eat 2 grams of protein per body weight (kg) per day, for example, 60 kilograms of protein, should not eat more than 120 grams of protein per day (60×2), etc.

How to safely eat whey protein for muscle gains

For men or women who exercise hard because they want to strengthen their muscles I want beautiful muscles. Able to eat whey protein supplements But should be eaten before exercise And eat strictly in the proportion specified on the product label Don’t set your own proportions. And maintain a good balance in the daily protein intake Do not eat whey protein, chicken breast, or egg whites until you are inadequate for other foods. It’s best to consult a doctor, dietitian, or a professional dietitian.

Despite losing weight I have to eat carbohydrates.

Not that I want to lose weight, then I will break raw, do not eat carbohydrates at all. (Unless you lose weight with the ketogenic diet), but choose healthy carbohydrates – complex carbohydrates. (Whole wheat flour, brown rice, boiled rice, whole wheat bread, whole grain, taro, oily, etc.) Or cut down on simple carbohydrates (Such as white flour, white rice, white bread, sugar or various products Processed) as much as possible

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