10 ways to check if the person you’re talking to likes me or not at all!

No matter how many years the festival of love has been around Our status is still so vague. Or are we all thinking alone? Girls who are struggling with relationships with people who are talking to you that they really like us? Today we will take you to check that Are we going to birds or not? Birds in 5 ways: check if the person you are talking to likes me and 5 ways to check if the person you are talking to doesn’t like me at all … if you are ready then go check it out!

1. Always invite us to talk

Let us try to observe that when we talk to him Our conversations will not end easily. He is always looking for things to talk to us. That means he wants to talk to us. And if he starts to pay attention to us Our conversation will be different from the general conversation, for example, he will want to know about us. Or he tells us his personal story too. This will indicate that he is interested in us. And want us to know about him as well It is considered to create an impression that occurs between each other in order to build a relationship in the future itself.

2. He checks our status

Of course, if he is interested in us and really wants to associate with us He would have to want to check our status first that we are single or not. So that he will know if he should go on or not. Which we may easily observe is He will pretend to ask us directly. Or some of them may be asked through a friend

3. Pay attention to our little details

If that person is interested in us He has to pay special attention to us. Especially paying attention to the small details about us that others have never cared about, such as remembering some of us. Which sometimes we or others still do not remember at all But he remembered it Including knowing what we like and dislike Little details like this will only have people who are interested in us who will pay attention to us this much.

4. He is especially good to us.

In this article, we will be able to experience it by our own feelings that he is especially good to us. Or treat us more special than others But if anyone is not really sure Are you afraid to think by yourself? We may notice it from the time we have a problem or need help. He will always be one of the first to reach out to help us first. Including he will always have free time for us Even though he is very busy Whether it is a fast chat response Or coming to meet with us His time is always free for us.

5. Try to meet us.

People who care about each other or like each other, it is natural that they want to meet. If he tries to meet with us or invites us to do activities Whether it is a meeting with many friends Or meet with us privately This is something that clearly shows that he is really interested in us. Especially meeting with each other privately Which if he really doesn’t care about us, he wouldn’t want to see us, right?

5 ways to make sure the person you’re talking to doesn’t like you

1. Never contacted us before.

If anyone is facing this situation That is, we always greet him first, we type long sentences. But he replied shortly, he replied to our chat late. Or sometimes read and not answer He seems like he doesn’t want to talk to us at all. These things can imply that he is not interested in us. Because if he is interested in us He would want to talk to us.

2. No time for us

His time will not be there with us. Let us observe that when we invite them to do activities Whether you have friends with you or go alone If we invite He will say that he is always busy. Which his business will always come before us Even if that business is not very important or is not in a hurry But he still said he was not free. These things show that he is not interested in us. So he didn’t want to see us.

3. Do not see our value.

If he is interested in us and sees that we are valuable in his eyes When he is out for an important event or has a good place to go He will invite us to go too. Especially the kind of places that only have people close to it Or important events that only need to invite important people If he appreciates us He will want us to be important and to be the one who has a good time in his life.

4. We don’t exist in his social world.

The social world is like a public space to let people know what we are. He would want us to have a presence in his social world or not. We may also observe by Check to see if he has liked us or not. Have you ever commented for us? Or have you ever tagged us? Which if he has never done this Meaning he doesn’t want people to know that he knows us. He also doesn’t want to have a presence in our social world.

5. He never plans a future with us.

People who care about each other or love each other tend to want to spend time together, whether in the present or in the future. Which if he wants our future to have us as well He will plan the future with us. It may not be a grand plan until the stage of getting married, buying a house or having children that But a short term plan Like planning a trip during the holidays, something like this But if he never plans anything with us That means he doesn’t care about us or love us at all.

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