5 secret signs of a stubborn guy … that says he’s having a heart

Yes, there are only women. Complex and difficult to understand Some symptoms of men play with women like us. I’m confused. Because at first he acted like he liked us, but why did he just keep doing it Even in the end, I still secretly send a message to the girls. Do not think too much, causing a headache. Because we have already figured out the answers There is a simple reason Here are a few things that stubborn men do. Perhaps he secretly likes it, but is afraid to say it directly. To have strange symptoms Come out for us to see Which the symptoms that it is often rarely pass out of the following 5 items

1. He wants you to think that there are many other girls.

Some men begin to like someone. Often he doesn’t want to look dead in the eyes of the woman she wants. Therefore, he often shows that he has a lot of other women to talk to, or that there are many other women who are involved. Which he will show you like Still do not want to take it seriously Find someone who understands himself. If he is flirting with you And heard something from his mouth like this Hysterically Because it’s just a manly style form As for us, we just sit still and watch. If still interested in him, continue to talk. But if you don’t think Just tell them that you don’t care about them. No matter how many girls he has

2. He wants you to think he’s charming.

Sometimes some men have a crazy expression. Stay the same That day was still good for me, but today I dazed what to wear? … He just doesn’t want you to think that he’s boring, easy to read, because it’s easy to guess. It will look less charming. For in my opinion, men This is the same as well. If still thinking of continuing the relationship I let that young man be grateful for the man, we have to understand because it is the way of men.

3. He can’t accept that you have a lot of influence on him.

This is classic in masculinity. They will not show us much shivering. Even if I like you to death But if the friendliness you send back is not at the level of trustworthiness. He will maintain the status as if he hadn’t thought much about us before. Due to the fact that if the girls refused He will not look broken, broken, heartbreaking, irreversible and unable to reach. Male dignity It is unacceptable if women reject it. Please understand at this point. If you are still interested in this man, let him keep his dignity for a while.

4. Sensitivity is something that must be concealed for a man.

If he accidentally gets lost Carelessly cares about you very much, it will not hide anything. Regardless of the sight, expression, body language, it will all turn towards you. Just like a person with love in general Where it will have some kind of attraction Makes us want to be around the people we like when it gets too high. Men are just afraid of losing their balance. Therefore must express the opposite May be pretending to you Treat you different from other girls. Don’t think too much. It’s just a game that hides the sensitivity of a man.

5. He demands attention

He just wanted to know if he disappeared. Would you be interested in him or not? In the process of measuring the mind To move forward into a relationship If by chance you know him first Then pretend not to know some is good Don’t do anything to make them feel like they lose their plans and you can catch them. Let him play his game If you like him, want to continue with him. Let it be natural But if you think that all of us do not like him, this person is not So quickly decide to tell him. Don’t play games that you don’t want to win or want to win. It’s not fun and time consuming.

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