6 habits of charm Try to check it yourself. Whether managing charms too often or not

If you are a woman who is crowded with young men and frequented by selling dumplings. Until sometimes I doubt myself why When around the boys They also have more beautiful women. A lot more delicious than us. But why do they choose to flirt with us? If women ever think like this, try to check yourself. Whether you are a person who likes to flirt by nature or flirt without knowing it or not, which women can see according to 6 points below.

1. Smile without thinking

Smiling, not thinking of anything. Sometimes I just smile because I have known each other. Smiling is a very important tool for women. Because the guy who gets smiles from you Some people think it goes a long way. There are some misunderstandings.

2. Be considerate

Women who have kindness, love to take care of other people. Able to listen to problems and be a mentor to others. A woman like this is a kind person without knowing it. Try it like this, it makes some people misunderstand. Accidentally came to like him. Let’s break up

3. Do not hold yourself.

No matter who you talk to, it’s friendly with him around, many girls don’t hold themselves. Plus sometimes there is also a physical contact with the other person. Talk to each other to touch each other In the end, it made the other party fall in love until it was possible

4. Get Help

Like asking you to help open the water bottle cap Or ask them to help you find things to find documents It is considered normal that some women do not think much. Seeking help from someone nearby at the time, no matter what kind of work or work you do, if you do it often, then the other person might accidentally say that. “I will always be by your side,” confessed my love.

5. Eye gaze

To be seen with clear eyes Crazy bae, so cute that it makes you feel embarrassed even with the same sex. Can make the men misunderstand each other But in the end, it acted like “Short sightedness. Looks not very good at all. “.. So go ahead.

6. OK

Never denied anything. There are a lot of women going anywhere. Like who is going where I can go with it all There is no denying it. Which sometimes makes the boys misunderstand, even though the female side may think of only friends.

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