8 reasons why modern people refuse marriage

Many young people today People also want to live independently. And make them feel like they don’t want to marry Although the marriage may have positive results in the future. But for many current reasons It is better for these young people to choose not to marry. There are many reasons why these people choose to reject marriage. Which the main reason That we have gathered are as follows

1. If you have to break up

Marriage may not be the last answer in your marriage. Given the current very high statistics of divorce and it appears to be even higher. Make young modern people think that Marriage may not be the final answer. Because when having to break up like a couple Often not as serious as a married breakup. Because marriage is like taking life together Where is the story of the grand ritual, the use of money and the expendable budget When you have to divorce, it will be separated and you will see that the damage will be greater than that without being married

2. There is a past that has not been forgotten.

Some people are so impressed that they cannot forget that love And became a knot of life Some people are afraid of love and do not want to be hurt like their previous love again. If marriage is the end of love People with such a past will not decide to marry anyone. And if you observe carefully, people like this will immediately give up when asked to get married or talk about settling down.

3. Expenses

Marriage may also strengthen the base because two bags come together. But be sure to remember that whenever you decide to have children Huge expenses will follow. Even if you want our children to have a good life as well. Regarding the cost, it is doubly more.

4. Not meeting successful people in their marriage.

Some of them may be in a society where the people around them are not successful in their marriage. Even if the people around you are not talking about the pain of breaking up or telling them what clues in life are. But it is likely that people in this society don’t see the necessity of getting married.

5.Reserve your privacy

Many modern young people. People have their own space and don’t want to share it with anyone. Of course, if you get married, this area must be shared. In order to eliminate the problem, it is better to choose not to decorate. Because they are possessive of privacy and are still satisfied with this kind of life

6. Unacceptable work duties

Some careers life prosper. Progress if you are single In particular, women can say that when they get married and have children, their dedication to their work will be considerably reduced. Because being a wife and a mother who has to take care of clothes, food, chores, we all know that it is too serious, so many girls who are dedicated to work choose to live single rather than marital.

7. Still enjoying life single

The happiness of single people is You can party at the end of the trip and go wherever you go, regardless of budget whether it is enough for snacks, clothes, school fees, children, expensive bags, great shoes. You can be the owner without fear of your husband. Plus the fun of having a relationship that is not committal. And there are still many things that only single people will know that it’s cool.

8. Fear of commitment

This is the real reason. Of the new generation of this era Because there are many choices as a couple, there are many more than living together as husband and wife. We still have the opportunity to look for or choose something new and better for life. But agreeing to be husband and wife The future of love or a better spouse is over, for this reason marriage may not be the ideal solution for modern young people who are always looking for better life.

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