8 reasons people get married Will be healthier than single people

Maybe it’s not just loneliness that makes us want to have someone next to it. But the latest research has suggested that Being with the right person It will help our health much better than being single, and here are 8 results of the power of love that affects 8 points in our body.

1. Emotional

Falling in love is a motivator for the body to release good feelings. While releasing stress Because the love mood is often linked to the neurotransmitters Dopamine, Oxytocin and Norepinephrine. Which directly affects our emotions at all And because of this, we can often see that people are in love. Usually there is a smile all day long, sure enough.

2. Brain

Married couples who love each other for a long time Usually there are activities that make the brain good, fun and happy, just like a rookie lover ever. Therefore, being with the right person and always can be fun for us. Will help keep our brain bright for a long time

3. Heal wounds on the body.

Unbelievable, but you have to believe. That love will make the wound heal faster. This is due to the release of the hormone Oxytocin, which results in the body recovering from the wound quickly. And the wound will heal even faster when we hug with your lover

4. Heart

From the compilation of statistics, it was found that married people tended to have lower rates of heart disease than single or widowed people. Or if it comes up, it has a 25% more chance of survival than unmarried people ever.

5. Stress

Couples who are in close contact or in frequent contact, such as holding hands and hugging, lower the stress hormone cortisol. Resulting in the body not having to experience stressful conditions When you know this, do not forget to return to be close to your lover.

6. Blood pressure

A married couple who lives smoothly They tend to have lower pressure than married couples or people who are unmarried. For this reason, it makes the chances of suffering from high blood pressure is much less than that.

7. Pain

Intense feelings arising from love It stimulates the same brain area that is stimulated by pain. This will result in a reaction such as numbness and pain. Or feel less pain

8. Life expectancy

Statistics found that married cancer patients The mortality rate is 20% lower than that of single patients, possibly because married people have 53% higher rates of going to the doctor than singles, thus enabling faster treatment.

Love care It is the same as taking care of your health. If you want good love, you have to take care of it. Add sweetness to each other Make love like when you were in a new relationship. Just like this, you will have both happiness and good health at the same time.

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